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Your body is your temple. Here’s 10 Tips to Stay Young and Fit



Who don’t wanna stay young and fit? Well, staying young and fit is a dream for everyone including you, because by staying young and fit we can do a lot of activities we want to, such as traveling, hiking, surfing and so on. By having a fit body, we can avoid numerous diseases as well. Exactly you don’t wanna suffer diseases when you are old, right? There are a lot of tips how to stay young and fit. The secret to stay young and fit is not consuming drugs, but healthy lifestyle is the first thing we must do. Please take a look, 10 tips to stay young and fit.

  1. Relaxation

Relaxation is one of unburdening on your mind. Control your mind in order not to stress every time. One of the first factors to quicken someone’s aging is stress. To encounter your stress, try to carry-out meditation for 10 minutes in a day by sitting in a tranquil place, close your eyes, relax your muscles, and then breath deeply. Relaxation also can be carried-out by listening relaxation music or music that can soothe you.

Another way to stay young and fit is yoga. Yoga is one of activities which focuses on all mind to control your sights and your body overall. Yoga can prevent aging symptoms as well as keep you staying healthy and young by doing one of anti-aging tips.

  1. Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food is one of secret tips to stay fit. You need to fulfill nutrition in your body, so that your skin and your entire body get sufficient and right intakes. For nutrition tips, you can consume food containing Omega-3. Foodstuffs of Omega-3 are salmon fish, walnuts as well as cereals. The foods containing Omega-3 are useful to prevent aging symptoms. What is Omega-3 for? Function of Omega-3 is to keep you healthy and makes your skin always bright.

By consuming food rich in vitamin A, C, E, and B12, this is useful for your skin health. Then, other food intakes which are good for your skin and health are fruits, vegetables and green tea. Green tea is a good intake to improve your memory as well. Keep consuming healthy food, exactly balanced diet, will give direct impact your body in order to stay young and fit.

  1. Don’t stay up

Did you know that sleeping too late and staying up can reduce your age? It’s true. Sleeping too late and staying up can make your skin fatigue, and then in the morning your skin looks more pallid. If you sleep enough, your skin will be fresher, and ark circles in your eyes will not occur anymore. Living healthy is not as difficult as you guess. Try to change your bad habit, and then you can stay young and fit.

  1. Be friends

You shouldn’t spend your time by watching TV and surf in social media. By being friends in the real world, you will avoid stress and make your day more colorful. Do outdoor activities or spend your time with activities you like. It will make you feel better than stay at a desk or computer. You can meet your new friends or old friends, and communicate with them. Sometimes meet with old friends make us younger than our actual age, right? Thus, be friends to stay young.

  1. Drink 8 glass / day

Another tips to stay young is drinking at least 8 glasses in a day. Drinking fresh water in the morning will make you fresh because of fluid loss after sleeping at night. Water will keep your skin moist as well as prevent your skin chapped or dry. By drinking fresh water at least 8 glasses in a day, it is good for your metabolism system and to clear up toxin in your body. It’s simple, and you get fit fast, and then will give great impact for your health and your beauty.

  1. Reduce fried food

Reduce food containing oil and fat. It means that including fried food you like. Well, fried food is tasty, but it will increase your weight. So, what is it consumed for? You can change this bad habit by roasted, boiled or steamed food, it is healthier.

  1. Protect your skin

Use sunblock when you do outdoor activities under sunlight directly. At least sunblock you use contains SPF 30-50 and applied every 3-4 hours, so that you can protect your skin effectively. In addition, to protect your skin, use lotion contains vitamin A, C and E. Ultraviolet light will be so dangerous because can destroy and burn your skin.

  1. Live in balance

One of the ways how to get fit and young is living in balance. This healthy tip is by managing your time, 24 hours 30 days, to work, recreation and to take a rest. By living in balance, you can enjoy your life because if we are too much working without having day off and taking a rest, it makes your day not effective, even getting sick. Make a priority for your body.

  1. Workout

Make sure you exercise at least 3 times in a week. Workout will make blood circulation smooth, so that nutrition and oxygen will be transferred well to your entire body and skin. You can try exercises to tighten your muscle, like jogging or doing other physic activities at least 20 minutes in a day or in a week. The purpose of doing this activity is to tighten your muscles which slacken as well as to make your skeleton healthy. In addition, jogging is good for preventing osteoporosis risk. How to become healthy is easy, but it is often forgotten.

10. Enjoy your life

Life must be enjoyed in spite of suffering. When you are suffering because of having a lot of problems, assure yourself that one day you will encounter a happy situation. What you need is enjoying your life in order to be healthy and free of stress. Please remember that people who are stressed have three times risk of heart disease at a young age in accordance with a research in America.

If you can keep your healthy lifestyle, it is possible you can be 10 years younger.



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