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Working from home: 7 reasons why it reeks of pure awesomeness

There are just days when the alarm clock feels like one big gadget from hell. These are the times when you’re too tired, too lazy or too hormonal to get up from your comfy bed and start the workday. But as they say, there’s no rest for the weary. You have to drag yourself out, take a bath, brush your teeth, assemble some kind of a decent office attire, grab a latte on the way to work and finally, be a model corporate ant by trying to be as productive as possible. During too-stressed days like this, a job that allows you to work from home sounds very, very good.

Doing either full-time or part-time work on the internet has been quite a lucrative and seductive option for most harried office workers for the past years. Getting work from the internet is almost like looking for a job offline — you send resumes, get interviewed and work certain hours. The only difference is, and is probably the biggest advantage, between regular 8-5 office jobs and these jobs from the internet is that you get to work from home. Yes, you work at home, anywhere inside your home, nobody cares, as long as you get the work done.

A career from home may sound foreign to some, especially those who don’t spend so much time online. Try to google jobs, specifically phrases like how can i work from home or how to work from home, and a barrage of websites offering internet jobs will show up. Leaving a stable corporate career for some online job may be a bit scary but we tell you, the convenience of working right at home far outweighs the disadvantages. You want to know why work from home based careers is so much fun than being a corporate slave? Read on.

1. No boss to personally badger you with deadlines

Work from home perk 1: No boss to personally badger you

Work from home perk 1: No boss to personally badger you

A work life without a boss hovering at your back may be enough for anyone to consider earning income from home by means of a work on the internet. Of course, you’d still have a boss and he can still annoy you through email or chat but you know, you can always be on invisible mode if you don’t feel like being disturbed. A boss whose office is just right next to yours can never be ignored.

2. Hello to working in pajamas

No need to rush to get dressed! And no more dress code to abide! One good thing about a home based job is that you can work in your PJs, or in your underwear or whatever you feel like wearing, even if you haven’t even taken a bath. You can check emails while in bed, lazing luxuriously, without worrying if you’ll miss the 7:30 bus.

3. Say goodbye to nosy colleagues

Work from home perk 3: No more nosy colleagues

Work from home perk 3: No more nosy colleagues

Ah, finally, freedom from nosy, gossipy and annoying workmates! One of the best work from home advantages is being a one-man team. You may handle or manage people say, for an online business, but they’re all online and probably three countries away, right? So you don’t have to deal with officemates who listen to phone calls, check what you’re wearing, intrude into your relationships and talk behind your back.

4. Design your own workstation

No more tacky and monotonous office cubicles. You can splash neon green on your walls for inspiration and no one would report you to the Facilities Manager. Some corporate policies are just too boring that you’re not allowed to showcase your interior designing talents at work. Home ideas, like repainting your walls, redecorating your own office space with butterflies or skulls and putting up vines around your desk, are perfect if you’re earning income at home, through an online job. You design your workspace according to your taste and needs, and not everyone else’s. If a huge picture of Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber would motivate you to write more articles, then please, go ahead and put them up on the wall.

5. Multi-tasking is the way to go, dude

Work from home perk 5: More time for other tasks

Work from home perk 5: More time for other tasks

Doing work on the internet also means you can surf the web while trying to finish your tasks. And that includes watching your favorite TV series online or chatting with your sister who’s on the other side of the world or playing online poker or maybe even drinking with buddies who don’t mind you typing away during certain parts of your get-together. So many things to do, so little time, right? Working from home allows you to do majority of these things while taking care of your job responsibilities. Is that cool or what?

6. More time to spend with the family

Now you can be your children’s driver, playmate, errand person aside from being just mommy or daddy, and guess what, you never even have to leave their side while earning enough moolah to provide their needs. Moms at home may be more advantageous as children always yearn for their mommies. And mothers worry a lot when they’re away from home. So having work on the internet that lets you be with your kids all the time may be the best thing that happened since disposable diapers.

7. Sleep, wake up, eat, work, sleep, work, sleep

Work from home perk 7: Own your time

Work from home perk 7: Own your time

The thing about working in an office is that you can’t slack off when you’re feeling not productive enough because you have to be in that office for eight agonizing hours. Whatever happened to refreshing the mind and relaxing the spirit? No can do since there’s that blasted report to finish, never mind that all your creative juices have been squeezed out already. Working from home by getting a work from the internet allows you to own your time, to manage your own schedule, to finish your tasks at your own pace. Fine, slack off all you want, just make sure you finish what’s needed to be done on the deadline set by your virtual boss. Too sleepy to write coherently? Take a nap. Hunger pangs getting in the way? Grab some sandwich and walk the dog at the same time and just come back when you’re feeling up for it. Pure awesomeness, yes?

Working from home is probably one of those decisions you will never regret making. With all of the perks that come with the job, as well as the variety of jobs available online, you will definitely have the time of your life earning a living that doesn’t make you an 8-hr prisoner every single workday. So go and ask Mr. Google what’s the best work on the internet you can have today and enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits.



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