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21st Century Friendship: 7 Reasons why robots can be such cool buddies

Transformers Dark of the Moon has been making huge waves in the box office since its opening day. This third movie in the Transformers robots series has everyone, from parents to their little tykes to teenagers, lining up to watch this Michael Bay phenomenon which features awesome robotics action. Aside from the smashing, metal-crunching and heart-stopping fight scenes between the Autobots and humans vs the Decepticons, one of the best parts of the movie is the almost human personality of the Autobots, and their friendship with Sam Witwicky, the ordinary guy who unknowingly purchased an alien car, who turned out to be Bumblebee, which became a good friend despite their differences.

In this century where anything is possible, thanks to the amazing technological inventions human minds have conjured, having robots walk the earth just like us, humans, is not a very far probability. Maybe they wouldn’t come smashing into swimming pools in the middle of the night but they’d be built and developed by human hands. What is robotics anyway without the brilliant brains behind this concept? Can you ever imagine being good friends with say, something like Bumblebee or Optimus Prime? Kids may be yelling, “Yes, yes!” Who wouldn’t want to be friends with cool robots who can turn into equally cool cars? Sounds exciting, yes?

So say between humans and robots, which would you choose, make friends with metals or make friends with flesh and blood? Still high from the Transformers Dark of the Moon fever, we give you 7 reasons why making friends with these gas-guzzling creatures is actually a pretty fascinating possibility.

1. Robots are easy to please

Robot Friendship 101: Robots are easy to please

Robot Friendship 101: Robots are easy to please

Being friends with robots is not really rocket science. You don’t even have to consult a “how can I be a good friend” manual to cultivate that friendship. Robots, non-human as they are, do not have the complex human behavior we have. They’re basically fuss-free. You hangout with them, fine. You don’t, it’s still okay. For robots, as long as you’re there, as long as say, you keep them shiny and well-maintained, they’re all good.

2. Robots are tantrum-free

Do you ever have friends who seem to be cheerful one minute then moody the next? Aside from the possibility of being bipolar, there are just some people who seem to throw more tantrums than your average three-year old. And it doesn’t come with age either. Good friend or not, they don’t care as long as they can you know, vent out. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing, being moody. We all have our bad hair days. But robots don’t have that — negative feelings, bad hair days, PMS, hormonal imbalances — which makes them awesome company. All the time.

3. Robots are non-competitive

Robot Friendship 101: Robots are non-competitive

Robot Friendship 101: Robots are non-competitive

Female robots, we think, won’t mind if your hair is better than theirs, or if your dress is more expensive than theirs, not that they need to dress up anyway. They won’t even probably care if your husband earns a lot or not. A list that teaches you how to be a good friend would probably say that to avoid friends from competing with each other, one should keep a low profile to allow the more outspoken and outgoing friend to always shine through. Now if you’re both alpha female or male, that could be quite a problem. There’s no alpha male robot or alpha female robot. Every robot is made equal, or at least every manufacturer should keep that in mind. Anyone who feels competitive against a robot must have her screws checked.

4. Robots won’t get tired of shopping

Say hello to your ultimate shopping buddy! It’s not all the time you can get a friend to tag along on all your shopping adventures. There are just some who hate shopping, and we’re not only referring to men. Having robots for friends ensure you limitless shopping hours, or at least until you literally drop, in which case they can just drive you home. You don’t even have to glare at robots to make them carry your bags because they instantly will, without you asking them to. Where can you find the friends who can do all these things?

5. Robots will never fall in love with your boy/girlfriend

Robot Friendship 101: Robots will not fall in love with your partner

Robot Friendship 101: Robots will not fall in love with your partner

One of the things that put human friendship in jeopardy is the risk of your friend falling for your boyfriend or girlfriend or brother or sister. Robots cannot fall in love, because, at least we assume, that their manufacturer would design their own partner and embed it in their system beforehand. Now there’s no more dilemma on how to make friend stay away from your partner and risk losing the friendship you value the most.

6. Robots won’t forget birthdays and special occasions

With the pace technology is advancing these days, it’s easy peasy to make a robot remember special dates relevant to your friendship. You may simply encode all the important dates and even set a reminder so you both don’t forget. You may even add other information such as your parents’ birthdays or anniversaries to make sure you don’t miss it. Your friends should also know this, right, especially if they come barging on your living room to have dinner on all these occasions.

7. Robots can and are always there

Robot Friendship 101: Robots are always there for you

Robot Friendship 101: Robots are always there for you

When you make friends on Facebook, for example, you set yourself for disappointment whenever you need them and they’re not available. That’s the point of friendship, being there for each other when you need the time and company. But human beings have lives of their own. They have a family to take care of, a career to sustain and mouths to feed so they cannot be at your beck and call all the time. Having robots as buddies is like making friends for life because as long as you need their company and love, they are there, they can be there. Not unless they run out of power or battery.

This may sound out of this world for now but really, who knows? Is having robots roam our neighborhood such a far-fetched reality? Michael Bay didn’t think so. When the time comes when Bumblebees and Optimus Primes come out and mingle with us, Earth inhabitants, you know they can be valuable allies and buddies, too. Remember, no more ditching, no more competing, no more complaining. How’s that for a rocking friendship?

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