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The Karaoke Syndrome: 7 Reasons Why People Love to Sing Their Hearts Out

People love to sing. Make it, we all love to sing. Anyone who disagrees is a hypocrite. Or maybe they didn’t grow up with Mary and her lamb or with stars twinkling up like diamonds in the sky. It doesn’t matter if we sing well or not, if we are accompanied by an instrumental mp3 or not. We sing whenever we have the chance — in the shower, while washing clothes, while folding the laundry, when preparing dinner and most especially, when we are with friends. That’s why the karaoke is very popular.

Karaoke videos, or more known now as videoke, has become such a popular past time that it has become an option whenever people would hold parties or get-togethers. In some countries even, households have the karaoke machine so anyone who suddenly has the urge to sing and party can belt out their favorite song’s karaoke version. What’s more surprising is that some manufacturers have come up with a microphone that has a karaoke or videoke chip that one can just plug into any TV so they can enjoy karaoke to go. Isn’t that amazing or what?

You might wonder, where’s this fascination with karaoke coming from? Why do people love to grab the microphone and do their own version of Britney or Whitney or Frank Sinatra’s songs? We will tell you why through the most common karaoke-hoggers. And while you’re at it, why don’t you identify yourself among the choices.

1. The Diva

Karaoke Harnesses Our Inner Diva

Karaoke Harnesses Our Inner Diva

We all have our inner divas. At some point, while dressing up for work or school, we had grabbed our hairbrush and swayed and belted out every pop song on the cd player. We have imagined the spotlight on us, with our legion of fans cheering and waving in adoration. The karaoke has magnified that fantasy. What better way to release that diva vibes than holding a real mic and singing along to your mp3 karaoke?

2. The Showoff

Fine, you have a great voice yet you lose it when you’re on stage, so stardom is never for you. But the perfect way of having it known to everyone else, who happens not to have that same gift, is to of course, gather them in a karaoke showdown. It’s a wonderful feeling, to tell the world through singing that yes, you are a talented person. And it’s a pity that a karaoke machine should affirm that for you.

3. The Brokenhearted

When one is brokenhearted, it seems like every sad love song playing on the radio is dedicated to them. The karaoke is one of the best ways not only to forget one’s heartbreak, but also to express every pain and sentiment and hurt, by singing all those “Where Do Broken Hearts Gos,” “Back to Decembers” and “Thinking of Yous.” This is definitely way better than hanging out at bars trying to drown yourself in beer, and sorrow.

4. The InLove

This is the complete opposite of the Brokenhearted yet they’re the same in the sense that they’re feeling overwhelmed by their emotions. The InLove on the other hand only has love and giddiness and sweetness oozing out of their pores. And you guessed it right. Right on their list of songs to karaoke are songs of eternal love and happiness. One of the best ways to anyone’s heart anyway is serenading them with their favorite songs. Love, is again, an emotion best shared through a beautiful love song. Insert gagging sound here. It cannot be discerned though which of the Brokenhearted and the InLove is worse to do karaoke with. Maybe both?

5. The Accidental Singers

Karaoke is the perfect bonding activity

Karaoke is the perfect bonding activity

Or better known as the friends of the people who really wanted to karaoke in the first place yet end up singing as well as the usual suspects are recharging. Or it could be that they got too tired of just sitting there, listening, so they started joining in on the action. That’s a better alternative to moping around while your friends shout one song after another. Karaoke, just like any other fun activity, should be done with a group of good friends. Even if one only ends up singing because of 1) boredom; 2) peer pressure; 3) both. You see, even if your voice reminds your friends of nails scratched against a wall, they will still be your friends no matter what. That’s the wonderful thing about friendship. And karaoke.

6. The Trying Hard

Practice makes perfect only works to a certain extent. If after 15 years of incessant voice lessons, when even your own teacher tells you that you’re hopeless, your voice hasn’t improved a bit, then maybe it’s time to stop wishing that you’ll achieve nightingale status? However, karaoke offers a cheap way to indulge the daydreamers. As long as you have the equipment and the time to ehem, practice, no one can stop you from harnessing your *cough, cough* skills. So what if the choir rejected your application? You have the good ole karaoke machine to comfort you. You’ll show them!

7. The Annoyed Neighbor

Karaoke endears your neighbors to you. Not.

Karaoke endears your neighbors to you. Not.

If you can’t beat them, join them. This is the most apt phrase for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be neighbors with people described above. Since the neighbors have been singing nonstop since 12nn, might as well join their off-key singing. If your next-door buddies do it every weekend and if every time they do it, you also counter by starting your own karaoke session, chances are, the karaoke fever will get to you. Pretty soon, you are not singing your heart out to annoy them, you’re doing Taylor Swift versions or God forbid, Justin Bieber covers, because you want to! Karaoke for the sheer love of karaoke!

Karaoke is like the English language — it’s universal. It encompasses time, space and race. You know, if like, two people of different nationalities just meet in a karaoke bar, sing more or less the same type of songs, chances are, they’ll be friends even before that place closes. It’s a great bonding activity for families and friends, never mind if two or three of them hog the microphone. Everyone loves music and while only a few are gifted, that desire to sing and showoff and perform is inherent in us. So yeah. Why are we even surprised that karaoke has swept us off our feet?





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