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The Cats’ Nine Lives: Truth or Fiction? 7 Reasons Why We Say It’s True!

Elegant, royal, snob. These are the adjectives that best describe cats. Well of course, if you’re descendants of an ancient Egyptian goddess, you would also feel very royal, wouldn’t you? Try observing a cat, house cat or even some dingy alley cat, and you will see how they all walk with grace and poise, except probably when holding a wriggling mouse in their mouths.

Aside from being poise animalized, cats are also known for their so-called nine lives. While people hardly ever get second chances, cats get nine shots at life. How’s that for luck? The nine lives of cats are said to have stemmed from the fact that they can quite deceive death because of their natural abilities. Have you ever seen a cat die from a bad fall? We haven’t as well. So we rounded up 9 possibilities that could support the idea of cats’ nine lives.

1. Cats get into fights a lot

Cats fight a lot

Cats fight a lot

We’re not talking about well-bred house cats who only get to fight with a rubber ball. Alley cats, yes, the ones who own the dark alleys in the neighborhood can be frighteningly brave. And even if they’re relatively smaller in size, cats will never back down from a fight, especially when they’re with the gang. Cats and dogs are the most popular squabbling pair and between say, a German Shepard and your typical tom cat, who do you think will most likely emerge victor? So cats need nine lives to at least enjoy the earth. Otherwise, with the number of fights they pick every night, they may not live to see another sunrise.

2. Cats are stealthy creatures

Their keen sense of hearing allows them to foresee danger thus they can escape it. It is with this same ability that they can sense Death’s slow footsteps coming. Once they’re sure it is indeed Death trying to trap them in, they make a quick adios and leave death frustrated. Another life lived, another one claimed. They have nine, anyway.

3. Cats never die from a fall

Cats never die from a fall

Cats never die from a fall

Cat photos may show cats as being very flexible. Even when playing games for cats, their natural ability for the acrobatic shows. So maybe it is the main reason why even when they’ve fallen from a 5-storey wall, they can still land a perfect pose. An unfortunate timing may break a few bones but they still walk away from danger as if nothing happened. A human falling from a 5-storey building wouldn’t be so lucky. With this skill, Fallen, Grace and Poise are perfect cat names, don’t you think?

4. Cats are loyal

Loyalty is rewarded greatly, yes? It may take sometime before they warm up to their owners, in the case of pet cats, but cat pics of their owners and these pretty, furry creatures would always show the warmth and friendship between the two. Adoption and cats can be put in the same sentence as next to dogs, they can be man’s fiercest friends. Never mind if they’re sometimes moodier than their man best friend. So the best gift for cats’ loyalty from Anubis, the cat goddess from Egypt, can be their nine lives. Could be, right?

5. Cats are extremely vain

Cats are extremely vain

Cats are extremely vain

We don’t think any of us has seen cat photos with any cat fur out of place. Cats are always known for their vanity. They hate anyone who steps on their tails and tugs at their fur. This vanity may have fueled their souls to always come back from the dead, and ensure that their bodies are in perfect condition, most especially in death. But then, instead of their souls going back to cat heaven, or wherever cats go when they die, they return to their bodies, thus living a new life.

6. Cats can be quite vindictive

Aside from being such snobs, cats can also be quite vindictive. They can be sore losers. May it be winning in a cat game or getting the best part of their pet food, they have to be number 1. And if Brownie is more fortunate to land the top place, they have to avenge their loss. So even in the struggle with Death, they see it as a competition, and they always have to win. Too bad for Death, he has to lose nine times before he can finally drag little pussy cat away.

7. Cats are *yawn* too lazy

Cats are too lazy

Cats are too lazy

Garfield is the perfect example. You can never hear cat owners say, “go cat,” because their pets will never stand up and fetch things for them. Cats are like couches. You can place them in a corner and expect them to never leave it. Pics of cats always show them lying around and sitting down, not running around nor jumping up and down. Cats may be too lazy to die and go meet their Cat goddess, thus, they often prolong the journey. They live nine lives first before giving up and taking the yellow brick road to their final resting place where they’ll, of course, just lounge around for all eternity.

Don’t you wish you also have nine lives? Or maybe even nine, nine lives? Then you can do all the things you want to do and achieve all the goals you want to achieve. If you have the characteristics above, then probably you know the answer to the question, “how long will I live?” The proverbial nine lives of cats may be true or not and you can draw your own conclusion based on the above speculations. Whether they have nine lives or not, I am sure any cat owner has an “I love cat” poster as cats may be a lot of things, but they surely make loving and special pets. Besides, a pet which has nine lives is pretty awesome, huh?

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