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“You’re So Vain!” 7 Reasons Why Being Vain is Good

Has anyone ever told you, “You’re so vain!” If yes, we hope you didn’t feel bad. “You so vain” is not really a bad statement. You should probably feel flattered as it probably means that you look good and healthy. Vanity is something one shouldn’t be upset about, and whoever said a vanity is a crime probably needs a good facial and haircut.

What is vanity, anyway? Simple people may define it as narcissism. One loves herself (okay, maybe it’s because women are deemed to be more vain then men?) so much that she spends more time looking at herself on beauty mirrors. While vain people may defend it as taking care of their bodies more thus the endless search for beauty hints and tips. Either way, vanity has always been deemed as bad. Remember Carly Simon’s song, “you’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you?” Well, maybe that is a kind of excessive vanity, if ever there’s such a thing. Wait, maybe that is even paranoia. Because only paranoid people think that other people are stalking them, writing and singing songs about them? Vanity, may we matter-of-factly say, is not evil. Do you honestly think buying Vanity Fair every month is against the law of God? A vanity magazine doesn’t make a lady or a gentleman a spawn of Satan, you know.

The next time someone gives you the evil eye and says, “You’re vain,” slap this article on their face so they may be enlightened why vanity isn’t really a bad thing.

1. Vanity allows you to become the best version of yourself

The ultimate model of vanity, Cleopatra

The ultimate model of vanity, Cleopatra

Okay, so you’re labeled as vain because you take more time scrubbing yourself clean, checking your hair every now and then and check vanity url online to know the latest on beauty and search for beauty tips. Excuse us, but would you really rather work or be with someone who reeks of body odor and sports unkempt hair as if it’s the season’s latest fad? Vanity allows people to be the best version of themselves, making them always presentable, always smelling good and never looking bedraggled and malnourished. Since one is vain, they take their sweet time polishing their skin and hair, being the creatures and embodiment of beauty forever.

2. Vanity is a good investment

You ask, how is spending all your money on all these beauty and health stuff make it a good investment? You dummies, anything you spend for and on yourself is a good investment. Money used to buy prohibited drugs, to gamble and to support all illegal vices is not. Your mother may probably agree that she’d rather see her daughter swipe her credit cards on endless Estee Lauder and MAC cosmetics than on a boyfriend who doesn’t have work and solely depends on her for his needs and wants.

3. Vanity makes you takes care of yourself more

Vanity makes you take care of yourself more

Vanity makes you take care of yourself more

A vain person slathers on SPF even when she’s not going to the beach because she knows that it would shield her skin from the sun’s deadly rays and prevent premature wrinkles and aging. If you’re not so keen on saving your lovely skin and body, you probably don’t have any idea about the sun’s UV rays. The vanity, oh, the vanity, a husband may exclaim when his wife follows her cleanse, tone and moisturize daily skin regimen. Little does he know that she’s just preserving her flawless skin so he can always be proud of his beautiful spouse. You men out there, we bet you would always a choose a young, pretty wife anytime over an aging lady whose skin was badly damaged by the sun.

4. Vanity is a good hobby

And this one, while a bit expensive when taken seriously, only brings someone to spas and beauty clinics. Vain people rarely go clubbing as they know cigarette smoke and alcohol is bad for the body. They mostly crowd spas as a massage, facial, foot scrub and manicure and pedicure are the perfect ways to relax and rejuvenate after a long and tiring workweek. They would rather lounge luxuriously in their own free vanity tub, soaked in sea salt suds, than do backbreaking and dangerous hobbies, like mountain-climbing. To each her own, right? So don’t take it against anyone who chooses to scour the internet for beauty hints than squeeze herself in between boulders.

5. Vanity motivates anyone to exercise

Vanity motivates one to exercise often

Vanity motivates one to exercise often

Because looking good means having a tight and lean body, right? Only vanity can fuel one’s motivation to workout regularly, despite the occasion bout with laziness. You want to be healthy and look perfect? Off to the gym you go. And this applies more to men, who can be more vain then women on this aspect. A sculptured body is like art on the go. Vain people never waver in their resolution to be at their best all the time so nothing can stop them from heading to the gym to get their daily dose of beauty workout.

6. Vanity makes people reach out to others

Ever noticed how vain people often give beauty advices to friends even if they’re always laughed at? Because of course, they also want to share their arsenal of beauty knowledge so everyone can be the best versions of themselves as well. A vain person may be a bit self-centered sometimes but she is not selfish. She may be even willing to give her friends a makeover, or he can even give you a referral to the gym he workouts in. So please, try to give them a chance when they sweetly offer their spare 3-in-1 skin products. Who knows, those may be the things you need to finally kill all the acne on your face.

7. Vanity boosts one’s confidence and self-esteem

Vanity boosts self-esteem and confidence

Vanity boosts self-esteem and confidence

Aside from self-awareness, vanity is a good source of feel-good vibes. If one looks good, she feels good, too. And it shows on the way she speaks, talks and walks. “Hey, I am pretty and my long, gorgeous hair frames my flawless face so I can conquer the world.” We don’t think there’s something wrong about feeling good all because you look good. It’s a different story though if you feel good yet you look like someone who the cat dragged in. Beauty and confidence come hand in hand. Add to that impeccable wit and charm, who can resist you? Surely not the big bosses who are definitely impressed by your flawless face and Rapunzel-like hair which sways while you’re doing the presentation.

A person’s vanity shouldn’t be a cause for judgement. It just happens that their interests are different from yours, and that they spend more time in front of their vanity cabinets than say, in the kitchen. It’s not a crime that they spend so much on beauty whatchacamaliits in the same way that it’s not a crime that you spend so much on booze and partying. Vanity can be good as it allows people to be the best that they can be, and never settle for anything less than perfection, although you might argue that no one is perfect. They may not be perfect overall, but at least their skin is.


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