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Simplify Life: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Really Worry About

Organization, they say, is the key to having balance in life. If one knows how to organize and prioritize tasks and errands and what-have-yous, one can easily achieve work life balance. We say, apart from organization, what one needs to make a better life is to get rid of unnecessary mental clutter, which basically translates to those useless things that one worries about all the time. Un-complicating your mental tasks allows you to enjoy living and more. As a famous quote goes, “Worry is like a rocking chair — it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.” And the author is right. Worrying doesn’t make your life better. It just stresses you out.

The key is to simplify your life. And stop rolling your eyes. Simplifying one’s life, we understand, takes more than an article. Some even spend their whole lifetime sorting out their life’s aspects only to fail in the process. What we are suggesting here is to simplify your life, by not worrying about certain things and issues that shouldn’t be worried about in the first place. We are giving you a chance to own your own life by casting out these evil stressors. To create life balance, you should only focus on three things: family, work and play. All the other things can sort themselves out. Here are seven things that you should stop thinking about as soon as you’re done reading this article.

1. Mealtime menus

Simplify Your Life 1: Do not stress about menus

Simplify Your Life 1: Do not stress about menus

We understand that in order to organize one family’s day, mothers have to come up with some sort of menu that you can post on the door of the fridge so they don’t scramble, thinking of what to cook for dinner, an hour before mealtime. Yes, feeding the children is important but so is your sanity. So what if you feed them mashed potatoes again? They may complain but they’ll still eat it anyway. No sense in pulling your hair out in frustration just because the fridge misses its menu. If you really want to plan ahead, make a monthly menu. Look for simple recipes online and plan when to cook them. That’s why there are take-out and delivery services. They’re for those days that you don’t know what to cook.

2. Clothes

Some people can be obsessive-compulsive that they plan their outfits weekly. And if they don’t, they can’t sleep, mentally going through their closet, fitting clothes and shoes for the next day. While it may be efficient, worrying about the next day’s work clothes isn’t what you would call healthy and simple living. At least you only have your clothes to think of. What about those who don’t know where to get money for their next meal the next day? Not knowing what to wear tomorrow just means you have to wake up a couple of minutes earlier than usual so you can rummage through your closet. There are a lot of ways to get organized but that doesn’t mean you have to lose precious sleep over them.

3. What other people think

Simplify Your Life 3: Do not stress about other people's opinions

Simplify Your Life 3: Do not stress about other people’s opinions

What other people’s opinion of you is none of your business. Ever heard of that? So please, stop second-guessing what your neighbor thinks of your old car, your renovation, your husband not having work, your mother speaking too loudly for your taste, blah blah blah. Other people would always have an opinion and that’s their problem. Living simple doesn’t only mean living within your means, but also saving yourself from the wrinkles and fine lines by not worrying about what other people think and speak of you.

4. Your husband/wife

Husband comes home late a few days in a row. Wife dresses more sexily than usual. Are they having an affair? For Christ’s sake, stop it! If you think your partner has someone on the side, please stop torturing yourself and just start investigating. The sooner you know, no matter how heartbreaking it is, the better. But if your partner’s not having an affair yet you still worry about him, if he’s safe, if he has eaten already, etc, calm down. Your partner is old enough to get by on his own. If his own mother has actually let him out of her sight, then chances are, he knows how to cross the road already, eat when he’s hungry and come home on time.

5. Death

Simplify Your Life 5: Do not worry about death

Simplify Your Life 5: Do not worry about death

The thing about some people is, they hardly get to enjoy their life because they’re too occupied thinking of the future. It’s not very rare for a thirty-year old to say, “I need to write a will!” Come on, life’s too beautiful to anticipate your own death. Of course, we all die, that’s a fact. But isn’t it a bit too much to think of our death when we are all healthy and capable of living life to the fullest? Look at those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Everyday is a gift for them so they make the most out of it. How much more strong and lively people who are capable of doing almost anything they want to do? Get advice from us. Get off that rocking chair, enjoy life and death will just worry itself.

6. Weight loss/weight gain

If you worry too much about your weight, you may have people around you feeding you with unhelpful feedback like, “Oh, you are a bit chubby now,” or “Do you have an eating disorder?” Weight loss or weight gain shouldn’t be a major problem not unless it’s brought about by an illness or depression or laziness. Come on! There’s so much to life than a few pounds on the wrong places. Instead of mulling over it every day and every night, confront it by exercising and dieting. Use your organization skills to come up with a fool proof diet plan that would compliment your lifestyle. And remember, no food can ease worry so stop fidgeting now.

7. The end of the world

Simplify Your Life 7: Do not worry about the end of the world

Simplify Your Life 7: Do not worry about the end of the world

Will zombies be our demise? Will there be a great flood? How many times have we read about the end of the world online? And how many times have these Nostradamuses failed? No sense in worrying about something that we have no control of. Being faithful and gullible are two different things. If the end of the world will happen, it will happen. You probably should be worried more if your children are flunking homework because they’re too busy shopping for canned goods to prepare for the so-called apocalypse.

Living simply not only means weeding out unnecessary wants and throwing away stuff we don’t need. It’s also about letting our mind relax a bit and releasing ourselves from useless worrying. Use that extra time to develop a hobby, read new books, get in touch with friends. Anything will do, as long as it doesn’t involve any of the above complicated and unnecessary worries. How to simplify life, you ask? Quit worrying.


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