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Style Victim? Fashion Trends You May Want to Pass Up On

There’s style and there’s style.  It could very well be all these fashion channels’ and magazines’ fault. Or probably celebrities and TV personalities are also to blame. They go feature and wear all kinds of clothes, colors, make up and hairstyles and label them as glam, even if at the back of your mind, you go, “eh?” But what the hey, if it lands the Olsen twins a spot on, then it must be great, yes?

Wrong! Make it very wrong. For one, you are not an Olsen twin. So don’t ever think that a hippie band that looks posh on either of them would also be equally dashing on you. That’s probably one of the gravest fashion go mistake you would ever commit. Besides, you look too clean and well-fed.

So before you go ahead and copy some celebrity style and feel like a million miles ahead of last season’s fashion trends, you may want to check out our list of really doubtful fashion trends that would rescue you from the worst-dressed or weirdest list.

1. Ponchos

Fashion Disaster 1: The Poncho

Fashion Disaster 1: The Poncho

Whoever gave out these tips on fashion and included wearing a poncho as an in-thing deserves to be kicked out of her job. How can a triangular piece of cloth that mainly functions to conceal your love handles be considered fashionable? The only good thing about it probably is that you can hide your 32A-cup chest from the world, honestly. Besides, if you really want some drapery of some sort, you can always get some more stylish scarf. Do yourself a favor, please and give your ponchos to your grandmother. She needs it more during the cold months.

2. Muscle Shirts

Fashion Mishap 2: The Muscle Shirt

Fashion Mishap 2: The Muscle Shirt

These men body-hugging er, shirts, may be categorized under summer fashion as guys love to brag about their newly-formed muscles to giggling girls while sipping pinacoladas. We don’t mean to judge but if your body is all that, why do you have to wear something? Take it off! And we do mean that, please take that disgusting tight-fitting shirt off. It’s just wrong to show off your body like that, especially if it hugs all the wrong places. Things that come to mind when we see someone wearing a muscle shirt: goon, a mafia lord’s sidekick, terminator, Popeye. Are you willing to be tagged Popeye for the sake of the latest fashion?

3. Crocs



They look weird and smell weirder. But Crocs fanatics say they’re the most comfortable footwear ever. Well, my Steve Madden ballerina flats are the most comfortable pair ever as well but they definitely don’t resemble like some crazy, homeless man’s slip ons. And it’s rubbbbbeeeer! Well okay, Steve Tyler, Jack Nicholson, Aaron Eckhart and even George Bush wear them. But would you really let Steve Tyler dictate your footwear style? Ick. One fashion advice: comfort doesn’t necessarily have to be ugly. And rubber-smelling. And goddamn expensive! So don’t believe all those fashion news saying that Crocs are like, the footwear you should be photographed in. You’ll end up looking like a flapping Ronald McDonald, in rubber slippers.

4. Guyliner

Fashion Boo Boo 3: The Guyliner

Fashion Boo Boo 4: The Guyliner

Really, seriously? Guyliner? Not unless you’re Bono or Johnny Depp, you, men, don’t have any business wearing black eyeliner on your waterline. It’s just…all kinds of…cringe-inducing, maybe-we-should-reevaluate-our-relationship wrong. Yes, it may be celebrity fashion for rockstars or some goth actors but for someone who’s just strolling the mall looking at some hot chicks, a guyliner is a major deal breaker. The ladies have given in and let you wear foundation on some days. Do you really have to level up and borrow their eyeliners, too?

5. Multi-colored hair

If Pink, Gwen Stefani or Lady Gaga would give out tips on fashion, we’re sure one of the things they’ll never forget is the rainbow-colored hairstyle they’re all famous for. But pray do tell, how would an orange, pink and purple hair look on your caramel-colored face? Or would blue be too shocking a hue on your Snow White complexion? And you might be reminded that you don’t live on TV. Your real world consists of either school and work and home. Do you really want purple hair while doing a serious presentation in front of your company’s CEO? Yeah, we didn’t think so, too.

6. Nerdy Glasses

Style Lesson: Nerdy glasses is not for everyone

Style Lesson: Nerdy glasses is not for everyone. Photo by , we love 'em!!

Smart is sexy, we must agree. But trying to look smart by wearing those nerdy glasses? Er, no comment. It’s one thing to play the role of that sexy librarian (rawr!) and another thing to look like some gerbil wearing a pair of glasses. We honestly don’t understand how some people think nerdy glasses are such status and face-boosters. Obviously, we’ve missed that part when it was featured on a magazine’s tips about fashion. Again, never trust all those magazines. Models are not humans so anything that’s amazing on them won’t necessarily be the same on us, mere mortals.

Honestly, if you’re one who falls for tips for fashion given by latest trends magazines and news fashion shows, better switch reading materials and TV channels now. They wouldn’t help your dying social life if you would end up wearing all the wrong clothes and accessories and make up.



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