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Sleep Disorder (Insomnia): Here’s 11 Easy Insomnia Solutions

Insomnia is generally as sleep disorder because of not getting asleep or getting sleep which is not restful. Insomnia is usually caused by physiological factor, but there are other causes, such as stress, anxiety, staying up late, a lot of works and problems. This lack of sleep affects their daily activities because people who suffer insomnia feel tired and moody. This sleep problem reduces your effectiveness at work. These tips will help you to treat insomnia by natural remedies. Let’s take a look how to cure for insomnia, what they are:



  • Managing your bed time

One of insomnia treatments is by managing your bed time, it will avoid not getting asleep because you keep time to get up and go to sleep. Manage your bed time every day, including weekend. If you are good at managing your bed time, you will never suffer insomnia. Avoid staying up late and sleep regularly according to bed time.

  • Making far apart your gadget

When you keep online at your gadget, it will disturb you to sleep and won’t focus on taking a rest. You will always check status on social media and other applications on your smartphone or tablet. You should make far apart your gadget. The light and radiation on your gadget prevent you to sleep and not good keeping online at bed time. In addition, the light on your gadget reduce production of hormone melatonin. Hormone melatonin is very useful to make you sleepy at night and into a deep sleep.

  • Turning off your room lights

The correlation between light and sleep is hormone melatonin. Avoid lights in your room, why? The light prevents the production of hormone melatonin. In the dark room, the production of hormone melatonin increases, and this situation causes you feel sleepy. People who are lack of sleep will have low hormone melatonin, so that suffer feeling disorders (mood), such as restlessness, tiredness and irritability. This feeling disorder exactly affects your daily activities, right?

  • Quit drinking coffee

Quit Drinking Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine that will prevent you to sleep, so that you will suffer insomnia (sleeplessness / not getting asleep). “Caffeine is a stimulant, and inhibit sleeping,” said David C.Brodner, MD, medical director of Center for Sleep, Allergy, and Sinus Wellness in Boynton Beach, Florida. Caffeine will stay in your body in a period of time, and it will loss in approximately 6 hours after you drink coffee. Therefore, you should avoid drinking coffee 9 hours before you go to bed.

  • Quit smoking

Another insomnia treatment is avoiding smoking. Cigarrete contains nicotine that will prevent you to sleep as well. Nicotine is stimulant, and the effect of nicotine causes insomnia, not getting asleep. Smoking causes other sleep disorders as well. Therefore, by reducing smoking can increase your sleeping quality. To quit smoking easier, you should stop smoking at least 4 hours before going to bed. The less you smoke the more sleeping quality you get. .

  • Relaxing your mind

You should try to relax your mind, and then forget everything your problems. This trick makes you feel relax and make you easy to sleep. The more you remember your problems at bed time, the more you find difficulty to sleep. You will be more stressed when you can’t get to sleep. By relaxing your mind, this sleeping problem or that is so-called insomnia will be cured.

  • Stop looking to clock

This tip helps you to avoid stress because sometimes people got panic when they know that they can’t sleep in certain time, at the bed time. When you continue look to clock late at night, your sleeping will be tortured. In addition, you will worry about the rest of your time to sleep. The less your bed time, the more you are stressed. Therefore, you should hide your clock in order not to get stressed and reduce stress symptoms.

  • Consuming banana and drinking a glass of milk
Drinking a glass of milk

Drinking a glass of milk

Other insomnia remedies are by consuming certain fruit, such as banana. This fruit contains high potassium and magnesium, and help you to discover insomnia (not getting asleep). Nutrition of banana, such as tryptophan, cilium and natrium are useful to calm your brain, so that you can sleep quickly. In addition, a glass of milk is good for people suffering insomnia. Milk contains calcium which gives calm effects and tryptophan as well. This nutrition can help you into a deep sleep and to relax your muscle.

  • Engaging in sport

Engage in sport regularly has been proven increasing sleeping quality, on the condition that the time of exercise isn’t close to your bed time. As we know that exercises give a lot of benefit for your health, as well as prevent any disorders including sleep disorder. Jogging is one of exercises that can improve your sleeping quality. For people who suffer insomnia, you should exercise in the morning and try light exercise, such as yoga or tai chi exercise, a few hours before going to bed.

Other exercise is meditation. Meditation is renowned since years ago as one of effective methods to treat insomnia, not getting asleep. By meditation, you will try to forget your problems and focus on your mind, so that your mind will be calm and get the best sleep quality.

  • Hypnotherapy

If your insomnia is severe, you should try to take hypnotherapy. This hypnotherapy is a therapy that will treat sleep disorder and to relax your body as well. Treatment for insomnia by this therapy is rare to do, but in fact this hypnotherapy can cure insomnia.

  • Music Therapy

Another insomnia cure is music therapy by using brainwave. Brainwave is a special music to condition your brain in alpha and theta where in this situation you will feel relax, so that easy to sleep. By listening this music, your stress will reduce because of feeling relax.

This insomnia help is not suitable for some people because not all people like music. For those who feel disturbed because of music sound, they can avoid it.




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