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Hitting Big Time: Seven Things To Do When You Win the Lottery

You are considered lucky if you have a job that you enjoy, a pretty wife or a handsome husband, an inheritance from a long-lost aunt that includes a 10-acre farm and probably, winning most of the raffle contests you join. Luck is something that not everyone has nor enjoys (thus the term, unfortunate souls). There are just people who seemed to have woken up ahead of everyone else and caught all the luck confetti when Fate scattered them all over the world. But perhaps, of all these lucky bastards (yes, bitterness is oozing out of our pores because we hardly win any raffle contests), the luckiest would have to be that person who solely wins the jackpot in the lottery.

Truly, anyone who has the winning ticket to the national lottery can consider himself one of the luckiest persons alive (next to say, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg). Well, even holding the lucky ticket in state lotteries such as Florida lottery, Virginia lottery, CA lottery or Arizona lottery is already big, as long as you’re the only winner. But even if you’re not, it’s still not a bad deal.

Winning a lottery can indeed change one’s life. And perhaps, no matter how often you stake your claim in lottery, nothing can ever prepare you when you finally see on TV or in the newspaper or in that your chosen numbers are actually the winning national lottery numbers. Maybe we can help you out with that one. Suppose you actually hold the national lottery numbers for tonight’s jackpot. And the jackpot has amounted to, ah, half a million dollars. That’s a lot of money. What are you going to do with that money? Let’s start with these seven things:

1. Keep mum

Keep mum about winning the lottery

Keep mum about winning the lottery

It’s not that you don’t want to celebrate. Not everyone has your luck. Not everyone wins the national lottery. But, do you honestly want to announce to everyone that you won $500,000 and risk having all your relatives and friends and their relatives and friends in your living room, lining up for some reward money or something? Getting the jackpot lottery result is a huge thing, dude, so expect every single person you know to come up and congratulate you and well, try to ask or borrow money from you. These are hard times. Plus, you don’t want any stranger sidling you up in a dark alley, do you? So please, for your safety, try to limit who you inform about your winning mega millions in the lottery.

2. Donate to a charity

We don’t know about you but knowing upon seeing the national lottery results that you are a mega million richer warrants at least some sharing, or paying it forward. You may donate even just fifty thousand bucks to an orphanage, a home for the aged, your neighborhood church, anywhere really that may need all the help they can get. Your fifty thousand can feed countless kids, clothe homeless people and maybe, send some teenagers to school. You don’t have to let them know that you’re the donor or sponsor, you can do it anonymously, if you don’t want to blow your cover.

3. Travel!

Winning the lottery allows you to travel everywhere!

Winning the lottery allows you to travel everywhere!

Now that you have almost unlimited funds, thanks to the lottery in your state that nonchalantly gave you thousands of dollars to burn on anything you like, go on a trip of a lifetime. Tour all the continents if you can — bask in the sunshine of Maldives, go on a jungle safari in Africa, fall in love all over again in Paris, eat authentic pasta in Italy, say your thanksgiving prayer in Rome, be enthralled by the pyramids of Egypt, explore the Taj Mahal. Whether you want to travel alone or with family, nothing spells more fun than touring the world without thinking of whether you have food money the next day or not.

4. Invest in real estate

As soon as the hype of getting the correct numbers as the national lottery results die down, consider investing your money in real estate. Purchase a new house and lot (or two, if you can afford it), hire an interior decorator and have it rented out. Or build a block of apartments or dormitories near a university. Or, purchase your family friend’s dying farm and revive it. There’s so much a lot of money can buy! You don’t have to worry about losing all these monies when you invest in the right properties as these appreciate. And when you finally get your ROI (return of investment), you’ll be thankful that you put your money in the right place, aside from a bank’s vault.

5. Open a trust fund

Secure your child's future first when you win the lottery

Secure your child’s future first when you win the lottery

This is very important when you have children. Parents always worry about their kids, if they’ll be able to afford to send them to the best schools, if they can provide all their needs and wants. Winning the new lottery allows you to provide them with a bright future. So before you go shopping for all the toys and gadgets for them, set aside a good amount for their trust fund. This will ensure that they will be able to go to the school of their choice, taking up the degree they really want.

6. Start a business

Have you always wanted to open your own cafe yet never had the capital to start with? Now that the lottery result has given you that much needed money, go and start working on your future business! Team up with people who has done it before so they can also guide and help you out. It would be great if you can turn a hobby into your own business so you won’t have difficulty coming up with fresh ideas. Open a small cafe if you possess magic in the kitchen. Or do a boutique if fashion and dressing up is your forte. Team up with a good shoemaker if your passion is shoes. The possibilities are endless!

7. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend

Can money buy love?

Can money buy love?

Now that you’re rich, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding one.

Winning the lottery is indeed a 1-10 probability. The national lottery numbers evade a lot of us that as soon as one sole winner is announced, we can’t help but be excited for that winner, too. So if you happen to be one of those die-hard who line up for the lottery everyday, we’ve given you seven options on what to do with your prize money. Don’t forget to send us postcards! With cash, preferably.

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