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Is the Print Industry Dead? Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Still Buy That Magazine

Magazines used to be covetable. They cover any and every topic under the sun. There are travel magazines, fitness magazines and gossip magazines. There are magazines dedicated to food, fashion, an activity, a destination, a product. People before never really thought twice, nor batted an eyelash when grabbing one to buy from the newsstands. But with the internet, is it still worth it to spend our hard-earned money on these glossies? If video killed the radio star, will the internet be the print media’s demise? Is the magazine business dwindling down?

If video killed the radio star, will the internet be the print media’s demise? Is the magazine business dwindling down?

Think about it. We do everything online nowadays – watch films, listen to music, buy our groceries, purchase presents, make banking transactions, book trips and connect with friends. Why should getting information and entertainment be any different?

Here’s why:

1. Magazines come in handy in the bathroom

Magazines can be your best bathroom companions

Magazines can be your best bathroom companions. Photo Credit: Mike Czyzewski

C’mon, who brings their iPads and netbooks into the bathroom? Electronics and moisture don’t mix, and with bathrooms being damp, moisture-laden places, it’s sacrilegious to bring in your pricey gadgets. Pick up a magazine or two and you’ll see that a few drops of water from your shower or some splashes from your tub won’t do it major damage. They’re good company when doing the uhm, number two and while soaking in your chamomile-scented bubble bath.

2. Magazines make excellent sources for mood and inspiration boards

Magazine pages are edgy, colorful, and artistic. Most people are visually stimulated and magazine images provide a lot of inspiration. What a lot of people do is that they first carefully and thoughtfully pore over every magazine page then rip out aesthetically provocative photos and articles. They then place them on cork boards in their work spaces or on mood boards (that’s what they’re called especially when you’re an architect, a decorator, an event planner, or a designer). That way, they can work in a space that promotes the flow of innovativeness and creativity. Online magazines, while also visually stimulating, can’t really be cut and pasted on cork boards, can they? A car magazine is your best magazine bet if you want a picture of your dream vehicle to motivate you to work harder. That’s something you can’t get from a laptop wallpaper, believe us.

3. Magazines, when accumulated, can be good collections

Magazines can be a great collection

Magazines can be a great collection.

Technology, sports, health, fashion, car, travel, science and design magazines when collected can prove to be fun investments. They can even be used as design elements in a room and are, of course, good reference materials. If you own or run a diner, a coffee shop, a physician’s clinic or a daycare center, magazines are worthwhile investments. People like to have something to read while they wait or while they’re dining. Just make sure that the reading materials you provide are appropriate to the establishment you’re running. It goes without saying that child-friendly magazines work well at the daycare center and health magazines fit right in at the clinic, in the same way that college magazines would be perfect at a guidance counselor’s office. Magazines that broadcast, “Tips to Prevent Scoliosis from Getting Worse”, are totally inappropriate at a coffee shop. People want to enjoy their lattes, not worry about the curvature of their spine.

4. Magazines make good beach reads

Magazines are perfect beach buddies

Magazines are perfect beach buddies

Nothing spells comfort and relaxation than a good magazine at the beach. In fact, a magazine is neck-to-neck against the trashy romance novel in contention for the best seaside companion. Come to think of it. The beach is one of the best spots where a writer can come up with articles for a magazine. So it should only follow that magazines be also read while catching some sun rays. SPF is required, of course.

5. Magazines are good substitutes for umbrellas

Sudden drizzles. Who hasn’t been caught in one, without an umbrella? If you’re a guy, you can suck it up and run to the nearest awning, no fuss. Women, on the other hand, won’t do that, if they had a choice. Well, they have nothing to fear if they have the latest issue of Elle in their Stam. They simply shield their head with it as they (fashionably) run over puddles in their high heels to catch a cab in a quintessential New York moment. Newspapers won’t give you the same effect, unfortunately. The Post will leave ink stains on your hands, and murky fingers were never in style.

6. Magazines make good fans

Not the screaming, autograph-hungry, photo-rabid variety. I meant the ones you use to create a bit of a breeze when it’s hot. This only works if the magazine is of the correct thickness. The thinner, the better. It won’t work with Vogue’s ‘Thickest Issue Ever’! Online magazines can never compete with that advantage.

Magazines are here to stay

Magazines are here to stay. Photo credits: Mannobhai

These are just six of the many, many reasons why, despite the fact that we can get information online, we should still patronize the printed word. With confidence, we can say that online media will not replace print media. In fact, they can peacefully coexist, like they do now. Online magazines are good companions when you have the perfect tablet or gadget in a wi-fi area. But remember that technology can also fail. Don’t say we didn’t encourage you to get the latest edition of Cosmopolitan or Elle or any UK magazine (for chic girls), Top Gear (for their men) or People (for those who want to be in the know) once your iPad runs out of battery or your wi-fi suddenly drops dead. It wouldn’t be our fault.




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