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New Year, New You: Top 5 Interesting Places to explore on Bali Island, Indonesia

Where to go? If you are still confused where to go in New Year, Bali is one of the right choices. Known as Gods Island or Paradise Island, Bali is one of Indonesian Islands having awesome nature, such as volcano, rice fields that extend green, feature peace and serenity, as well as white sand and the beauty of stunning sea. Experience breeze and cloud in the sky as if give an endless gift for people who visit Bali, Indonesia.

In Bali you will find rich of artistry and cultural work as well. Bali also boasts dramatic dances and various cultural ceremonies, arts and beautiful and good quality of crafts. There are a lot of interesting things offered in this exotic island, such as numerous culinary and incredible experiences. For activities, don’t worry! You will find any awesome activities like surfing, diving, trekking in dense jungle, bungy jumping and many more. That’s why Bali Island is very well-known in the world, and there are a lot of tourists around the world visiting this island. What to do in Bali Indonesia, here’s awesome spots to spend your holiday.

  1. Kuta Bali
Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali

This tourism spot, Kuta Bali, is  center of tourism in Bali by offering well-equipped facilities according to travelers’ needs, such as a lot of hotel choices starting from affordable hotel price to expensive hotel price, shopping centers, recreation spots and sport facilities, such as Bungy jumping, water boom and soon. Tourist attraction of this Kuta Bali is clean white sand, stunning and romantic view to testify sunset, as well as surf beach for surfer lovers. That’s why this Bali Surf in Kuta Bali Beach becomes a favorite spot for surfers because of its billow.

Kuta is never quiet in spite of at night, live music, karaoke are offered as well. Along this Kuta road lined with dozens of shops and art shop, and next to Kuta Road is Legian Road that also provides anything you want to. For those who like shopping, at the edge of Kuta Road, there is a shopping spot, called Kuta Square.

  1. Sanur Bali
Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach is one of the most popular beach sights in Bali. Offering calm waves and awesome sunrise view, Sanur Beach is situated in the east of Denpasar, right in Sanur Village. The waves in Sanur Beach are calm, so that this beach is not appropriate to surf. However, don’t worry! Sanur Bali provides beach games and watersports, such as seawalker Bali, scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are a surfing beginner, this Bali Beach is so suitable for you because sea current is calm.

Besides beach sights, like white sand and beach games as tourist attractions in Bali, the beauty of Sanur Beach is complete with sunrise. The differentiation Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach is Kuta Beach offering sunset, but Sanur Beach offering sunrise. Therefore, this beach is well-known as Sunrise Beach. This sunrise beach is 16 km and can be accessed from Ngurai Rai International Airport approximately 25-35 minutes depending on traffic flow.

  1. Denpasar Bali

Denpasar, Bali


Denpasar Bali is one of attraction choices in Bali as well. Denpasar offers some interesting places to visit by travelers, such as Museum, Art Centre, Bajra Sandi Monument and Kumbasari Market. Kumbasari Market previously called Pot Market (Peken Payuk) offers earthen wares, a plate made of soil (cubek), a bucket made of soil (paso), a mixer made of soil (penyantokan), a cup made of soil (coblon) and many more. That’s why this market is called Pot Market. Besides offering kitchen utensils, Kumbasari Market is often visited by travelers who want purchase kinds of crafts or authentic souvenirs of local crafts as well.

You will be pampered in this place as well by an eco-tour, which is Mangrove Attraction. One of the most interesting facilities when you visit this place is a wooden bridge to access Mangrove Forest with a length of 1850 meters. This wooden bridge is used for travelers who get around enjoying an awesome Mangrove Forest. In this place you can try enjoying other facilities, such as canoeing / rafting along this area, bird watching and other natural attractions.

  1. Ubud Bali

Ubud, Bali

What things to do in Bali? Don’t worry! You will be pampered with huge attractions and interesting activities, especially in Ubud Bali. Ubud Bali is very well-known as its arts and cultures, because in Ubud Bali you can learn how to dance, paint and sculpting either wood or stone. In Ubud there are a lot of dancing courses where travelers can try to play Bali authentic traditional instruments and Bali dancing. This place is also recognized for beauty of natural views and terraced rice fields, called Subak by local people.

Other interesting places for travelers who visit Ubud Bali are Monkey Forest Ubud, Petulu Village, Nyah Kuning Village, Elephant Cave and Art Market Ubud. Monkey Forest Ubud is a forest filled with long-tail monkeys, and this excursion is one of favorite attractions in Bali. Next, Petulu Village is a habitat of long-neck cranes. When you visit Petulu Village you will find cranes in the trees along Petulu Village area. This village is located five kilometers, north of Ubud.

For travelers who want to experience Bali authentic atmosphere, the best choice is staying in Nyah Kuning Village. There are a lot of tourist staying in this Nyah Kuning Village because of its uniqueness, culture and beauty of nature and hospitality of local people. For those who want to feel something challenging can visit Elephant Cave which is made in ninth century. You will feel dark atmosphere and stuffy as if you enter mouth of evil. Then, for those looking or Bali authentic arts, Art Market Ubud offers numerous Bali authentic arts.

  1. Seminyak Bali
Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Bali is one of well-known tourist destinations and as a home for kinds of hotels, villas, restaurants and luxury spa with international standard. For those who like shopping, Seminyak offers boutiques and upscale shopping centers. In addition, Seminyak is recognized for sunset beach, where we can enjoy the beauty of sunset along Seminyak Beach.

In Seminyak, mostly people who visiting this place enjoy sunbathing in the beach while pampering themselves with Spa facilities or just relaxing. Seminyak atmosphere is a little bit quiet if comparing to Kuta. To access Seminyak, you can drive 15 minutes from Kuta.



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