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Dieting Sucks: 7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Skinny people, those who seem to eat tons yet never gain weight, are probably the luckiest creatures in the whole world. Imagine eating whatever you want, without even bothering to exercise, yet having the body of a starved model. Whereas some unfortunate fellows would have to scour the internet and all diet books on how to lose calories, lose fat and maybe weight loss success stories that can motivate them on how to lose 5 pounds around their tummy area. Losing weight is no laughing matter. A dieting person’s weight lost is equivalent to an actor’s acting trophy. Yes, weight loss is actually a big deal for those who have been tipping the wrong side of the scale.

Why lose weight, you ask? Of course, there are a number of reasons why someone would want to lose weight calories. The most important reason is health or doctor’s orders, then second probably is vanity, or just wanting to look and feel good. There are many ways on how to lose pounds. Just type in “how to lose body fat” or “how to diet and lose weight” or “help losing weight” in your browser’s search tab and the internet will give you all the possible means to answer your question, “Can I lose weight?” However, what you will see online and in all of those losing weight manuals are strict and too methodical ways that include eating only specific food groups and doing rigorous physical activities. What we are offering are, uhm, quirky and unique ways on how to lose 10 pounds, okay, maybe not really 10 but at least some pounds, without all that jazz. Yes, this is the “how to lose weight without really trying article.” You won’t even need a weight loss calculator for these methods. Trust us on this.

1. Be stressed at work

Lose Weight Tactic 1: Be stressed at work

Lose Weight Tactic 1: Be stressed at work

Nothing helps you lose weight more than stress. Stress is evil but duh, if you want to shed those unwanted fats, embrace it. Even just for a while. Imagine your tyrant of a boss suddenly becoming your “trainer.” The more work he sends your way, the bigger the opportunity to be stressed and for your body to drop weight. Think of harried days working on endless reports, extra hours at night to meet the deadlines and sleepless slumber all because you can’t stop thinking of your unfinished work. Instant pound-shredder! Well of course, there are eyebags to contend with but that’s nothing a good jar of expensive eye cream cannot combat.

2. Spend time with your overzealous friend

And this friend for sure will 1) mock your strategy by continuously telling you that you can’t lose weight yet 2) guard everything that you put inside your mouth. Mr. or Ms. Overzealous will challenge your will and also ensure that you stick to your plan. Spending time with them will strengthen your resolve to lose weight, if only to show them that you can do this. Suddenly, resisting that brownie is oh-so-easy, thank you to friends who are annoyingly supportive.

3. Be your children’s playmate 24/7

Lose Weight Tactic 3: Be your children's playmate

Lose Weight Tactic 3: Be your children's playmate

It’s amazing how children don’t seem to get tired. They run around the whole day, creating havoc wherever they go. You can lose weight by matching your schedule with theirs and being their playmate every waking hour. Run around with them, play hide-and-seek, toss balls, climb those monkey bars, anything that lets you get on your feet and expend energy. And children are picky eaters, right? So aside from adapting to their active lifestyle, also adapt their eating habits. Eat like a chicken. Only eat what you want, but a word of advice. Do not overindulge. Go easy on the chocolates and sweets. Or else, every kick of that soccer ball will be for nothing.

4. Eat small and frequent meals

Ah, this is something you may have read somewhere and we’re reiterating it here. Now if only you can eat calories to lose weight, the world would’ve been a better place. But you cannot so sit still. This is quite effortless because you’re not practically starving yourself to death, rather, you are controlling the food servings. We are saying no to starvation, here, okay? You get to eat, yet you’re losing weight in the process by limiting your food intake. Win-win situation, right? Skipping meals would only result to overcompensation in the next meal so it’s not very nice. Eat whenever you feel like it, but remember, only small servings of non-fattening food. Sounds like a plan?

5. Get yourself busy

Lose Weight Tactic 5: Be busy

Lose Weight Tactic 5: Be busy

Pay the bills, drive the children to school, do the laundry everyday, help your mother plan her next party, attend a book reading, start a blog, assist your sister in her business, walk the dog twice a day, apply for a part-time barista job. Cram as many errands in your day as possible as it’s a surefire way to get your body moving and going. With so many stuff to do, who has the time to sit down and eat all those horridly fattening food? A healthy sandwich to go and an energy drink are great buddies for people who are always on the run, trying to finish everything on their plate of to-dos. Let’s see if you still won’t lose weight.

6. Have more time for making love

Sex is a good fat burner, dissolving fats and calories in a few minutes just as an hour on the treadmill can do. And this one won’t even require you to go anywhere else. It’s enjoyable and fantastic (well at least we assume), need we say more?

7. Dance

Lose Weight Tactic 7: Dance

Lose Weight Tactic 7: Dance

In the shower, in your living room, while getting dressed for work, while cooking. Plug your iPod into the speakers whenever you’re at home and feel the beat and rhythm. Dancing is a fabulous way to say bye-bye to unwanted fats in the thigh, tummy and wherever else. And since, it’s fun, it beats all those taebo workouts where you punch imaginary enemies. And you don’t even have to don those swanky tank tops and elastic pants. Dance in your wedges or stilettos if you want to, no one’s gonna stop you. What’s cooler? Go on a night-out with friends and have fun dancing in some bar or club. Perfect pair, dancing and losing weight, yes?

Losing weight is difficult if you think it is. The usual gym routine and diet are boring ways to finally bid your excess pounds goodbye. It sure do feels like work, so you find yourself straying away and gaining more pounds in the process. But with the suggested methods above, you can go on with your life as if you’re not overweight. Weight loss can be easy if we treat it as is. There are certainly more ways to lose weight without getting an overrated, not to say over-expensive, gym membership, as well as running and starving yourself to death. Really, which would you rather choose, making love or running on a treadmill? Yes, we certainly thought so, too.


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