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Parental Alert: Why You Should Keep Your iPhone Away from Toddlers

As they say, once you go Mac, you never go back. And it holds true for Apple fanboys and fangirls. When the iPhone has been released, people who used to think that Nokia has the best phones ever were asking why it took so long for Apple to come up with the iPhone. The iPhone indeed has changed everything. One of the best features Apple has come up with is the games for iPhone or by their language, the apps for iPhone.

It is because of these apps, whether the best iPhone apps for free or those who are sold for a minimum of $0.99 that the iPhone is not only popular with the adults, but also with the kiddies. Yes, iPhone and kids. Just that phrase alone is enough for a parent’s heart to thump wildly. You might say that with hundreds of top games for the iPhone which are absolutely kid-friendly, it can also be called the “iPhone for kids.”

We beg to disagree a little bit. A little bit because while we think our three-year olds shouldn’t really go ga-ga over their parents’ iPhone, we still let them have it once in a while just to shut them up. You know, the iPhone best free apps are great methods of distraction. So now, why do we think we should keep our iPhones away from our toddlers? We’ll tell you why.

1. An iPhone is not a nanny

Reason No. 1: An iPhone is not a Nanny

Reason No. 1: An iPhone is not a Nanny

Yes, the best games for iPhone are indeed great time-fillers. You give your three-year old your iPhone, you have the time and silence to do your own thing. However, kids, as you may know, just cannot sit, stand or lie down, still, even with an iPhone and Plants vs Zombies in hand. They have to fidget, they have to scratch their butts, they have to sweep their hair away from their forehead. But despite all these fidgeting, their eyes remain glued to the screen and that’s where the problem lies. For all you know, they may be on the edge of the bed and just one tiny movement can send them crashing down. So for your children’s safety, don’t ever use the iPhone as their sole company while you do stuff elsewhere.

2. Not all fun apps are for kids

Reason No. 2: Not Child-Friendly Apps

Reason No. 2: Not Child-Friendly Apps

When you download top games for iPhone, some apps have disclaimers that these are for 18 year olds and above. One perfect example is the app Amateur Surgeon. This app is about a pizza guy who stumbles upon a crazy doctor and this doctor teaches him to do surgery using common tools like a stapler to shut wounds, a pizza cutter to cut through the skin and a tong to pull out glass or mirror shards. Yes, it’s gross. And there’s blood all over. Can you imagine if a toddler plays this app? He might staple shut his wounds in real life. Another not child-friendly app is Pocket God wherein the user lords over an island and its inhabitants, the pygmys. You control the population and the pygmys’ lives and if you want to feed them to the sharks for fun, you may do so. It’s a bit on the violent side so anyone below 18 who plays it may be screwed for life.

3. Missent text messages and calls

Anyone heard of drunk-dialling? Letting your toddler hold your touch-sensitive iPhone is drunk-dialling’s younger, tamer sister. Two- to three-year olds can hardly read (not unless you have a child prodigy there) and so they just push whichever button that kinda looks cool to them. Texting “sdhsdfhwieur98234h324biq3r932rg” to your best friend is cute, she can forgive you and your little tyke for that. But how about your little one dialling your boss’ number, while you, unaware of everything that’s going on, rants about him to say, your husband? Sounds like trouble, doesn’t it? Or even if you’re not ranting but the fact that his phone rang in the middle of an important meeting with clients and all he hears are googoos and gagas? Still annoying, yes?

4. Chocolatey iPhone

Reason No. 4: Messy, Messy Hands

Reason No. 4: Messy, Messy Hands

Children are not the most hygienic people on earth, that we are certain. Their hands are either smeared with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, crayons, oil pastels and other stuff we’d rather not know about. Do you honestly want all these on your beautiful iPhone 4? Do you want icky fingerprints on your once-pristine screen? How about some sloppy juice on your ear when you try to answer a call? And the icing on the cake, how about a great crashing sound when your iPhone with the free best iPhone apps hits the floor because your little ball of hyperactivity drops it when he tries to reach for his glass of juice? Utter perfection. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

5. Hello, World Wide Web

Kids these days are just technologically-adept that the world is literally at the tip of their fingertips. But as mentioned above, their lack of reading and comprehension skills may be a bit of a problem, especially for you, owner of the iPhone they’re tinkering with. The iPhone and internet is easily accessible with just a tap on the Safari icon that’s it’s scary to think what sites they can enter into without really knowing what is it exactly. With a lot of these doubtful web pages with adult content populating the web, it’s so hard to shield our children from these if we just let them handle the gadget on their own. The most worrisome thing as well, since they just tap tap away, they can get into the App Store and purchase some items! Hello to a ballooning credit card bill!

Sure, the iPhone is always a good entertainment source for our children. The amazing, cool and educational apps are perfect for any child who’s starting to explore things. However, keep in mind that responsible parenthood means not only letting them discover stuff on their own, but also guiding them so they don’t fall over manholes. So letting them play with a powerful gadget like an iPhone entails a great deal of guidance and hmm, offline help, so they only play with and surf age-appropriate apps and websites.




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