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How to Deal with the First Day at Work

Dealing with new environment and new people.





Are you moving to a new office? Don’t panic. First day at work will be an exciting experience. Mostly this experience is always encountered by every person, either for those who is the first time of working or those moving to a new office. You will never know what will happen in a new work place. In addition, this situation means the day where you will show the first good impression, either to your colleagues or superior. This causes mixed feelings like glad, worried, excited and nervous. If you feel this situation, don’t be afraid because this is reasonable situation. Provided that you know how to behave the first day of work, your first day is going to be alright. To reduce your anxiety, please take a look tips how to deal with the first day at work.

  1. Prepare your mental

First of all for your career advice is preparing your mental. You will never know what will happen in your new job, so preparing your mental to encounter any situation in work place.

  1. Come on time

Another employment guide is trying to come on time. You are a new employee in new office, so all people will notice about you in the first impression. Old employees come on time as much as possible, especially you as a new comer. Even, if it is possible, try to come earlier.

  1. Prepare your route

In order to come on time in your new office, you should prepare your route to arrive at work. Sometimes in the first day at work a new employee doesn’t prepare it. You can research the route by using Google Maps. By this way, you will get route description lead to your new office. Next, you can predict how long needed time to arrive. For those taking public transportation find out which public transportation that can deliver you to the destination, departure schedule and time estimation.

  1. Dress properly

To get the best impression with your colleagues in new office, you had better dress the best office wear. The best wear doesn’t mean you dress like going to the party, but by dressing it will increase your confidence and exactly according to your work environment. If in the first day at work you don’t know yet about proper dress code. You can dress office wear more formal. Make sure your wear looks clean, neat and formal, not transparent or not too casual. Besides your look, in general you need to notice your appearance like your hear clean and your face fresh as well as your shoes. You must notice that you dress and your appearance can make different impression to your colleagues and superior. Make sure you dress properly for your career.

  1. Be friendly

Not only do you become acquainted with your colleagues, but you remember their names. Try to remember your colleagues’ names without exception. Usually in the first day of work, you feel very nervous and can’t remember your colleagues’ names. Try to control your attitudes when you introduce yourself, behave as politely and friendly as possible, including towards office boy. Try to smile and don’t speak too much in the first day of your career change. You had better focus on your job description which your boss offers. Then, adapt to work place and the ways how to work in that office. Please be noticed that you behave sincerely.

  1. Recognize your work place

In the first day of your new career, you are informed everything by HRD, boss and your new colleagues about the work way and others. In order not to miss information, make note information in your note book. If you still find something you don’t understand yet, don’t be ashamed to ask.

Besides you get new information, you had better recognize your work environment. One of the best ways to learn about career change is listening actively. Not only do you find out information from formal meeting, but also light information when having lunch. Sometimes information like this is useful.

  1. Mingle with colleagues

To handle this situation, try to open with simple conversation, but you should notice the right time to start conversation. Don’t hesitate to smile and greet other people first. This way is in order to mingle and get to know your other colleagues. Communication is important not only in the first day of work, but also in the next day. In addition, try to involve in office activities although it is just a simple activity.

  1. Proactive

When your superior asks you to do something, don’t look confused, and it doesn’t mean you can’t do new work. Try to be proactive and ask question if you find difficulty to do your new work. You will be more appreciated for your effort when you try to do everything your superior asks you. It’s important to know detail about your job description in the first day of work. Indeed all people will understand if you are confused, but it’s important to give the best attitudes and the will to do the best. If you have been encountered with problems in the first day of work, and you don’t how to do your work. Don’t’ act carelessly. You should consult to your superior first. Thus, you will get a good impression, either towards your colleagues or superior.

  1. Avoid gossip

In the first day of work, you don’t need to crab about your colleagues, superior or desecrate of your previous office. In addition, you don’t involve yourself towards your colleagues’ problems and avoid talking about other colleagues in new office. Try not to involve directly, you should keep off it if there is a case related to a gossip. Chatting with your colleagues at lunch time is okay, but don’t give any response when your colleagues are talking about other colleagues.

10. Exceed working hours

Avoid going home on time although in the first day at work you don’t have many tasks to be done. Don’t turn off your computer at the time of going home. You had better exceed working hours approximately ten until fifteen minutes to show that you have a good commitment in working.



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