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How to Deal and Survive with Bad-Tempered Bosses


In any company, we will find people having annoying character. This matter can be found in our colleagues or even our boss. On the other hand, every annoying colleagues or boss has positive character, even when you feel can’t encounter this situation. A lot of tips can be implemented survival tips how to handle a temperamental boss and make your professional life easier. If our colleagues have this annoying character, likely it does not really affected to our career significantly. How about people who are annoying or bad-tempered are our boss? If this annoying or bad-tempered character is our boss, it will really influence our career in the future because of determining subordinate’s career. All of employees exactly want to work in conducive environment, without any intervenes. However, in the process of working there are a lot of challenges; one of them is dealing with boss’s anger. Let’s take a look; how to deal and survive with bad-tempered bosses.

  • Encounter and understand

When in the office we find a bad-tempered boss, one thing you must do is trying to encounter and understand. The position as a boss who is higher position than us can cause the boss behave arbitrarily and temperamental. However, bosses usually are very angry with their subordinate caused by their subordinate doing something wrong, out of tolerance. Therefore, when your boss is angry, don’t directly shriveled and cry. Try to remember your mistake you’ve already done. Then, apologize to your boss. Usually that anger is just a moment, and will be dissolved after apologizing.

  • Calming technique

One of anger management is be calm. A boss having stubborn and bad-tempered character can’t be handled by emotion because this matter will be a blunder for your own career. Let your boss vent anger and don’t intervene your boss’s talking because this situation will be more difficult to be encountered. Therefore, be patient and encounter calmly. If you talk calmly, the situation will be better and your boss’ anger will reduce.

  • Evaluate yourself

Make sure to check your previous attitudes, and then evaluate your job performance. Is there any something wrong you’ve already done it? Did you evaluate why your boss did it? Sometimes we give negative sign without meaning to and that matter causes your boss behave badly to you.

If you want to express a statement, don’t express something that you can’t be accounted for. In addition, never talk something personally with your boss. Then, showing you are good at communication and working, so that your boss absolutely will more appreciate you.

  • Discuss, don’t confront

Talking about confrontation, don’t do that. If your boss behave critically to you, don’t confront directly and don’t show defensive. This confrontation makes you bad in your boss’s and colleagues’ eyes.  May be this situation hurt you, but you can ask her/ him to give an advice. Take your time to calm yourself because it will help you to think clearly, and then try to solve your problems with your boss. Your boss maybe has different approach to respond something.

A conflict is the main factor that can estrange your relationship, including in your professional life. Thus, never create a conflict in your work environment; especially if it is a conflict between you and your superior, in other words you break the roles. To prevent hostile work environment, avoid conflict and keep behaving polite and peaceful in work environment.



  • Lobbying personally

Lobbying personally can be implemented if you need to do clarification because you feel aggrieved, or your career is threatened because your boss is stubborn. Choose the right time to talk to your boss personally about your career. When you talk to your boss, consider the word choice that you want to use, the way how to talk and your gesture, so that it doesn’t cause your boss’s emotion appear.

  • Explore the character or the personality of your boss

May be you need to explore your boss’s character or the personality. You can place yourself as your boss. By exploring this matter, may be you will know why your boss are bad-tempered and stubborn. Which one your boss likes and which one he/ she doesn’t like or your boss’s expectation towards your career, your work ethic and more. This way can help your career and get different perspective, not from employee’s point view, but from your boss’s point of view. Thus, you can evaluate your own job performance, so that in the future you will work better.

  • Try to understand your limit

If discussing with your boss seems not to be your choice, you should receive the fact that you can’t change your boss’s attitudes. In general, bosses are stubborn. You can learn not to ingratiate what your boss said, and stop vilifying your boss. Your boss is not a horrible boss, only a boss.

  • Possess a mentor

A mentor means somebody that can be a friend to talk and discuss about how to deal with stress at work. By placing somebody in the company as your mentor, you will have a chance to get good advices in that situation. You can see which a good management is and you will have somebody to whom you talk.

  • Make a list

Other tip in dealing with difficult people, your boss, is by evaluating all of your boss’s bad attitudes. By doing this survival guide, you will see what the cases really interfere you. Besides you can show your feeling, this method can help you to imagine the ways which you can do to prevent or to solve your boss’s bad attitudes.

  • Initiative and proactive

How to defend with your short-tempered boss is doing your job well. Try to show that you are indeed professional in your field and work hard. Thus, automatically you are doing initiative and proactive attitudes in achieving your goal. This achievement will make you survive in that company, even make you develop better. In addition, stress management, don’t think too hard about your boss’ anger. You must motivate yourself to work better.



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