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Here’s 8 Easy Ways for Weight Loss


Diet – Weight Loss

Having an ideal weight is a dream for everyone. An ideal weight makes you feel confident and healthier. However, to actualize an ideal weight, you have to obey some rules what dos and don’ts are. The main point to keep your ideal weight is managing your eating habit, not deficiencies or excess of nutrients. The ways how to lose fat doesn’t mean you are not eating or eating little nutrients, but you reach adequate nutrients. If you are lack of nutrients, you are taken ill. This matter we usually encounter when trying to reduce weight. The keys how to lose weight by effective and healthy ways, without any risk, are:

  • Don’t’ be stressed

First of all tips to lose weight is don’t be stressed. Stress and bad mood can increase your appetite, and you will eat more than usual. Finally, you will get more weight. Keep your minds thinking positively to support your healthy diet succeed.

  • Enough sleep

Lack of sleep causes increase of ghrelin hormone. What is ghrelin hormone? Ghrelin hormone is a hormone transmitting a signal to the brain to eat. The function of this hormone is to increase appetite and increase fat production. If you don’t’ sleep enough, your appetite will increase. Therefore, you will eat more than usual. On the other hand, lack of sleep makes decrease of leptin hormone as transmitting a signal to the brain that we are full, so that you will feel hungry though you’ve already eaten. One of easy ways to lose weight is sleeping enough, and your body organs will work maximally to run their functions well.

In meeting of American Heart Association year 2011, it was stated that female sleeping 4 hours every month can consume more calories up to 329 calories compared to those sleeping 8-9 hours. In addition, other research reveals people who stay up late tending to consume more carbohydrates intake.

  • Say no to alcohol and carbonated drinks

When you want to lose your weight, you usually aren’t aware of your drinks. In fact, drinks contribute increasing or reducing your weight. Dietitian of British Dietetic Association, Lucy Jones said that consumed drinks causes fat. Some glasses of red wine and other alcohol are the same as 400 calories. These calories are one-fourth of daily calories intake for female. Indeed alcohol doesn’t contain fat, but can increase 7 calories per gram into your body.

Often consuming carbonated drinks can destroy your effort to lose weight because a small bottle of carbonated drinks contains approximately 250 calories, and all of them are from sugar. You should avoid drinking carbonated drinks, other than unhealthy, carbonated drinks exactly making your body at a greater risk of obesity and diabetes.

  • Working-out regularly


Another natural ways to lose weight is by working-out regularly. You don’t need to do difficult work-out; you just need extra effort to do it. Working-out regularly will change your body shape because fat decreases. Try exercises regularly to lose weight like push up, jogging, badminton and others. In addition, you can try best exercise to lose weight, like jogging around your home about 30 minutes every day. Fat accumulation in your body is caused by not only food intake, but also rarely working-out.

  • Consuming more vegetables

Did you know weight loss can be reached quickly? Other simple way to lose weight is by consuming vegetable for healthy weight loss. Consuming vegetables is quick and healthy way to lose weight because vegetables are rich of vitamins and low calories as the best food to lose weight. Reducing your meat and fat intake with vegetables and vegetable protein is one of effective ways to lose weight. The less calories intake the more reducing weight. In addition, your skin is shinier.

Foods that help you to lose weight are vegetable intakes for your diet, such as broccoli, spinach, bean sprouts etc. Broccoli contains potassium which is useful for your body. Spinach contains nutrients to keep blood sugar level balance, rich of iron, magnesium and anti-oxidant. In addition, bean sprouts keep your body fit all day because they are rich of any vitamins and protein.

  • Bye-bye sugar


Avoid consuming too much sugar. When you decided to reduce your weight, you need to have a commitment. Most of people who want weight loss keeping spirit only at the beginning of the process. Then, they consume everything as usual. You shouldn’t add sugar in your tea, coffee and other drinks because sugar contains a lot of calories.

Dietitian of British Dietetic Association, Lucy Jones said that in England people don’t eat much, but they drink 10 glasses of tea in a day by adding 2-3 sugar blocks, so that they add 300 calories in their body. In the beginning, this process is so difficult, but this way is effective to reduce weight. The more calories intake the more increasing weight.

  • Quit fried food

Why should avoid fried food? Because fried food enable to save high saturated oils, and mostly nowadays coconut oil for frying food is used many times, so that it causes fat increasing and fat accumulation in your body. Fried food contains high calories as well, so it is opposite to your purpose to reduce weight. High calories mean increasing weight. In addition, another effect of fried food is causing cancer if consumed in a period of time. To reach your target of lost weight, you should avoid fried food. You can cook food by boiling, steaming, making soup and others.

  • Drinking enough water

Dietitian of British Dietetic Association, Lucy Jones said that one of the first thirst symptoms is hungry, so people who are lack of liquid will eat more. It means lack of liquid can cause increasing weight. In addition, you don’t need rush to eat when you are hungry, because it can be a signal that you are thirsty. If you suffer dehydration, metabolism system in your body will be hampered. This case causes fat accumulation greater. Make sure you drink 8 glasses or 1.2 liter per day to avoid dehydration.



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