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Think You Can Handle This? 6 Grossest Jobs EVER

What is considered a good job? Something that probably pays well, not-so hazardous and not-so stressful, one would say. But the definition of a good job is quite subjective. It really depends on how a person perceives it. Say, the job of an office worker may appeal to several yet may be too boring for others. Or dangerous jobs like that of a police officer may be satisfying for some but not to those who value their safety. Jobs, jobs, jobs. A four-letter, rather, short word yet holds so much power — it dictates our lifestyle as our way of living largely depends on our spending and earning power. If you don’t earn so much, then you can’t also indulge much, right?

But while others are worried about their earning and spending capacity, others are working their butts off doing some of the grossest jobs in the world. And they’re not even complaining! Why? Because these gross tasks pay so much that they don’t have to think so much about their day-to-day budget! Yes, some people actually have to do the dirty job, literally.

So what are these gross, puke-inducing (to some who are not used to it, anyway) careers in the job world? Let’s find out.

1. Sewage Cleaner / Inspector

Gross Job 1: Sewage Cleaner

Gross Job 1: Sewage Cleaner

Yes, that’s what you call those guys who go into the dank and warm and gross underground to check on the sewage systems. Rats, human waste, tons of plastic, rotting garbage and who-knows-what-else are their everyday fare. They crawl into the sewage system and inspect for any clogs, leaks and other irregularities that may cause street flooding. They do regular cleaning so water and wastes can flow without obstruction. Not anyone would want to make friends with rats nor shower to go to work only to be splashed with dirty and murky water coming from the pipes, so we should be thankful for these people, some of whom have been in the service for 15-20 years, who tirelessly ensure that our sewage systems are A-ok.

2. Embalmer / Mortician

Who wants to work with dead people? Not everyone, surely. Yet embalmers and morticians are used to dealing with dead bodies that you might wonder if they get confused when they deal with talking and breathing people. Embalmers are those who physically clean, sanitize and disinfect the bodies and inject the necessary chemicals to preserve it for a few days, depending on the length of the wake. And oh, they also ensure that the bodies are really dead “dead,” you get what we mean? They check for a pulse on specific areas or something. While morticians are responsible for er, beautifying the bodies, to give them that “just sleeping” look. Of course, make up for uhm, the dead, is different from the make up for the living, so these people are trained on what color to apply to the cheeks and lips to give our departed loved ones that calm and serene look. You could only admire the guts of embalmers and morticians who, without any qualms, yet always with gloves and masks on, work on those who passed away with such vigor and love and tenderness. They don’t probably watch too much horror movies, what do you think?

3. Crime scene Cleaner

Gross Job 3: Crime Scene Cleaner

Gross Job 3: Crime Scene Cleaner

It’s common misconception that the police clean the crime scenes whenever and wherever it happens. No siree, the police don’t do that. They hire a company which specializes in crime scene cleaning and these team of tough guys (they probably have women, too) get sent out to the scenes of the crime — it could be in a house, in the middle of the road, in a grocery — to pick up the pieces and make the area spic and span again. This is after all the investigators have done their job and collected possible evidences. The job of a crime scene cleaner needs someone who doesn’t get affected easily, as it’s difficult not only with the gore involved, but also with the feelings of sadness and loss, especially if murder and homicides are the case. But if you have been in the job for quite some time, maybe you develop some sort of a shield that you summon to fulfill your duties without the heavy heart. After all, it’s part of the job.

4. Medical Technologist

These are the people whom you give your blood, urine and stool samples to. While you carefully wrap the container in a tissue paper (it’s urine, yuck), they roll their eyes and receive it as if it’s just nothing but water inside a plastic cup. Oh, they also go around bringing big needles, ready to inject them into a patient to have a taste of their blood. For samples, cowards. They inspect specimen for urinalysis, cytology, hematology, toxicology and parasitology among others that help the doctors diagnose one’s illness accurately. They handle blood the way an office worker handles bond paper. Maybe this is really not a gross job, but honestly, can you stand staying 12 hours in a laboratory with an awful amount of blood, urine, stool, parasitic specimen and what’s that wriggling thing inside a jar??

5. Veterinarian

Gross Job 5: Farm Veterinarian

Gross Job 5: Farm Veterinarian

Specifically veterinarians who are employed by big farms to take care of their stock. These vets not only oversee the health of all animals, but also assist them in birthing and getting pregnant, if that’s what the farm owners want. Can you imagine sticking in your whole arm inside a cow’s ass just to ensure that its insides are clean so you can inject the sperm? Granted that all they eat are just grass anyway. Still, a poo is a poo. Apologies if you’re eating while reading this. Yes, you are excused, go to the bathroom now. It’s the job of a veterinarian to massage testicles, breasts, stomachs, jaws and all the body parts that can be massaged so these animals feel taken care of, thus producing high-quality meat, milk and a wide array of products. You’d just stick with the dog now?

6. Parents

This is a serious entry. The job of a parent is 24/7, specifically the mothers. Without day off, without paid leaves, without bonuses. Except their children’s smiles, hugs and kisses. You get poo-ed on, barfed at, urinated on and spit at. You deal with dirty diapers, soiled linens, crayons on the walls, apple chunks on the toilet bowl, vomit on the car seat. Children are unrelenting bosses. Babies are more demanding than the most cruel of company CEOs. They shout at you when you’re late in giving them their cereals, cry endlessly when their milk’s too hot and pee and poo everywhere if you’re a bit delayed in getting them to the bathroom. And the really unbelievable part? You don’t pack your bags and leave after the mandatory 10 hours at work. You’re stuck with em little tyrants for life.

The best part of these seemingly impossible jobs is the pay. The salaries of these sewage cleaners, embalmers, veterinarians are quite hefty that’s why employees stay in these kind of jobs for more than 5 years. Besides, they’re only gross in the beginning. When you’ve been at it for say, a month, nothing turns your world inside out anymore. Not everyone would have the patience and strong stomach to perform these responsibilities so we should appreciate the jobs of these people who work day and night so we’ll have a cleaner, safer and hassle-free life.


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