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Band of Brothers: The 5 Heroes of the Vancouver Canucks 2011 Riot

The internet was abuzz last June 15 when so-called fans of the Vancouver hockey team Canucks went crazy after the team lost the NHL Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. The Canucks game brought out the wild side of some of its supporters, bashing cars and starting fires that injured a good number of people. The NHL Cup it seems has been used by some idiots to show off their wonderful traits such as being arsonists. Some groups seized the cameras of people who try to take pictures of videos but still, hundreds of materials flooded the internet, showing the rest of the world how the game 7 finals of the said hockey game affected its, ahem, die-hard fans. Makes you think how silly we really all are. We cheer for a group of men who run and jump on skates over a heavy piece of metal, then when the team we’re rooting for loses, we run amok, burn cars and almost kill everyone who crosses our path.

Crowds of people gathered, to the point of blocking the roads around the major shopping district, either to cheer for the riot leaders

Crowds of people gathered, to the point of blocking the roads around the major shopping district, either to cheer for the riot leaders, try to stop the crazy ones or just watch the whole spectacle. If there’s anything good that has come out of this blatant show of disrespect not only to the country, its people and all the properties, it’s the knowledge there are still people who care enough to endanger their life just to end the riot. These people deserve applause for getting into the thick of action not to join in, but to at least enlighten the ones who totally enjoyed the carnage. No sense in giving the rioters the limelight, they would have enough of it when the police would start rounding them up. Everyone, please welcome the Top Five Vancouver Riot 2011 Heroes.

1. The Cameraman

Canucks Game Riot Hero: The Cameraman

Canucks Game Riot Hero: The Cameraman

He held an ordinary Nikon or Canon and ran around trying to document the whole thing. He’s a normal guy, with dreams of making it big in the blogging world by featuring relevant social events. However, when he realized that something that involves burning and looting vehicles, with the respective owners wailing in disbelief, isn’t what normal and sane people do, he tried to get in between. He got the attention of those darned rioters overthrowing a car, either using the plain “hey, we’re cool man” approach or a more challenging tone, just to make them leave the car alone. His life wasn’t only at stake, but also his precious gadget as the rioters could’ve grabbed and smashed it into pieces. There goes his fame. Nevertheless, he still makes it as people recognize how he had exerted the effort to stop the insanity of the situation.

2. The Paramedics

These people were the first ones to respond to the injured. They didn’t have the formal training but you don’t have to go to school to know when one is seriously in pain, do you? When they’ve seen that the number of hurt people were increasing, they assisted them so they can be brought immediately to the hospital. Nobody has to tell them to help, they just did because that’s what anyone who has enough sense in them do when the rest have lost it. For those that need immediate attention, they made do with whatever stuff they have so they can administer first aid. Crisis like this unnecessary riot do bring out the best in us, when it comes to coming to our fellowmen’s aid.

3. The Negotiator

Canucks Game Riot Hero: The Negotiator

Canucks Game Riot Hero: The Negotiator

During situations that usually go out-of-hand like these, not everyone would have the guts to go up to whoever is running the show. You should admire the person who gathered all the bravado he can muster and approached a group who seem to be egging on the crowd to cheer for their stupidity. The negotiator only had one mission: to stop the madness and the total havoc the riot had brought upon the city. Of course, he had been met with ridicule and anger but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his goal. He had employed several tactics just to achieve success. And what he did inspired others to try to talk to those people who seemed to have planned the whole mess when they saw the NHL schedule.

4. The Muscle

If the Negotiator had used mental strategies to win some rioters over the safe side, the Muscle had resorted to, obviously, his physical skills. Probably because nobody had been brave enough at first to stand up to the mob, they had been more encouraged to inflict more damage. Maybe everything started just for fun, something that you know, some frustrated sports fans would stage just to get over the disappointment. But no person in his right mind would bomb sidewalks and destroy buildings just to get over his disappointment. And when these mindless individuals were at the height of their “fun,” someone just had to step in and fight force with force. Violence is always not the proper solution but when the going gets tough, you know what they say, the tough should be punched on the face.

5. The Rangers

Canucks Game Riot Hero: The Rangers

Canucks Game Riot Hero: The Rangers

If you have seen some videos of the Canucks riot, you would see policemen on horseback, doing their job. Whatever their job is, we assume it involves herding the pack to safety. The police had done their best to contain the riot to wherever it started but the exodus of people had made it impossible. When all hell broke lose and people were running around in all directions, the lone ranger had become Babe, the celebrated pig who ushered the goats in this Hollywood movie, and played the role of guiding people to where there were no burning cars and broken glass everywhere. The uniform would’ve been enough reason for the mob to target them but they didn’t mind because it all boiled down to their duty to protect everyone.

Canucks Game Riot Heroes

Canucks Game Riot Heroes

People never do learn. Everyone thought that the 1994 riot would’ve taught sports enthusiasts a valuable lesson but no, it has to happen again to remind us that starting a mindless…thing, as a riot won’t only put the country and its people on a bad light, but will also injure people and destroy valuable properties. Or maybe the mob knows this but still, knowing how foolish they can get, they don’t care whoever gets affected. They just want to have a freaking good time. Fortunately, we have people like The Negotiator and The Muscle to not really save the day, that’s a job for the Avengers, but to at least contain the situation and prevent a bigger number of casualties from suffering.




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