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Rockstar Currencies: 7 Awesome Money Bills of the World

Ever wonder how people come up with designs for the money of the world? Does every country have an assigned artist who creates the world currency? You would think that probably, based on pictures of money we see all over, countries don’t have artists, but rather photographers since majority of world money has the face of every hero, icon or former presidents and political figures.

Thankfully, some countries have enough creative juices running through their systems that they were able to release very, if we may say, pretty and uncommon features for their respective currencies. Yes, finally, you will see a picture of a money without the usual photos of world leaders or something. We don’t mean no disrespect but c’mon, it’s not as if we don’t see you enough on CNN or Fox.

Behold, the wonderful images of money from all over the world, rockstar style.

1. Comorian Franc

Pretty World Currency 1: Comorian Franc

Pretty World Currency 1: Comorian Franc - Simplistic Design At Its Best!

If this image isn’t enough to spark your imagination, then we don’t know what will. It makes you think of the Alchemist, one of Paolo Coelho’s masterpieces, as his protagonist makes the journey to self-awareness. Or it can also be the Hogwart’s Thumping Willow, yes? However, we don’t think there was a beach anywhere near Harry Potter’s school. The Comorians probably long of warm nights at the desert, or some fun at the beach. This particular design has been interpreted by some as a picture of the Comorian history of endless coups before they became officially independent.

2. Cook Islands Dollar

Pretty World Currency 2: Cook Islands Dollar

Pretty World Currency 2: Cook Islands Dollar

This screams surfing, dude! This is too cool to become a paper bill, don’t you think so? Or probably, it has been made that way to inspire the people of Cook Islands to hunt for whales? But isn’t that, like, prohibited? Whatever the case may be, this may be a reflection of the Cook Islands’ natives way of life, fishing. Tourists flock to these little islands situated between New Zealand and Hawaii for a breathe of fresh air and lovely island life. Of course, with a currency as rockstar as this is, who wouldn’t be curious?

3. Iceland Kronur

Pretty World Currency 3: Iceland Kronur

Pretty World Currency 3: Iceland Kronur

When you see ladies wearing hats and neck pieces like that, aren’t you glad you were born into this century? Oh yes, it’s fab and all but can your head really take a load as heavy as that everyday? Oh Madam Ragnheiour Jonsdottir, we don’t mean to make fun of your get up. Ladies from the 20th century are just plain thankful that they have the freedom to do whatever they want with their heads. Even shave the whole hair off. But you all should agree that Iceland’s pretty 5000 kronur bill is unique and colorful. Not all money world has a head and face as regal as that of Iceland’s Madam Jonsdottir.

4. Hong Kong Dollar

Pretty World Currency 4: Hong Long Dollar

Pretty World Currency 4: Hong Long Dollar

Now this one is a perfect interpretation of Hong Kong’s fast-paced and technologically-advanced lifestyle. The colors, the lines and the shapes perfectly complement each other. It looks complicated at first but when you try to dissect each one, you begin to understand where one line starts and the other ends. It’s like visiting that bustling city for the first time. For a tourist, everything looks new and loud and hard to understand. But when you start to explore the place, you get its rhythm and hum along with it. And it helps probably that the color is purple. Whatever that means.

5. Swiss Franc

Pretty World Currency 5: Swiss Franc

Pretty World Currency 5: Swiss Franc

Ah, could this be a Swiss legend? Some giants inhibited the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland before dinosaurs roamed the earth? Or maybe they were…zombies? But can zombies tolerate the coldness of the Alps? We wish we had answers, and the zombie theory is interesting but according to our mole in the money world, these figures are actually the work of a famous Swiss sculptor, Alberto Giacometti. Like other countries, the Swiss take pride in the talent of their people.

6. Faroe Island Kronur

Pretty World Currency 6: Faroe Island Kronur

Pretty World Currency 6: Faroe Island Kronur - SEAFOOD!!!

One word: fierce. Wait, make that two words: fierce; delicious. At least, delicious to those who are not allergic to crustaceans. Maybe crabs are way abundant in the Faroe Island that they have made it some kind of a symbol, or icon. The mouth waters at the thought of unlimited crabs for lunch and dinner. In sweet chili sauce, steamed or, how else can you cook them? This particular bill is really not what you’d call breathtakingly beautiful, but in its simplicity, you would kind of think that the people of Faroe Island may be like that: simple yet accommodating and nurturing. That’s what we’d like to think, that is. Even with those pincers ready to snap at you.

7. Maldives Rufiyaa

Pretty World Currency 7: Maldives Rufiyaa

Pretty World Currency 7: Maldives Rufiyaa

“Someone take us to Maldives!” sung to the tune of All Saints’ The Beach. And we’d love a serving of Leonardo di Caprio as well, while you’re at it. Really, can any place be lovelier than Maldives? And now, look at their paper bill! With coconuts, a sailboat (or is that a galleon?) and a string of cutesy shells! Isn’t it just fascinating? Maldives is definitely one of those must-go-tos beaches. This island nation boasts of pristine white beaches and some of the ritziest resorts in the world. Whoever designed this currency surely deserves two thumbs up! Such a fabulous way to capture the island’s warmth and tropical feel.

There you have it, seven of the most unique currencies ever recorded on the world currency book. If ever there’s one. Maybe the World Bank should dictate all countries to overhaul their paper bills and come up with the most awesome designs they can think of. There might be a huge clamor but wouldn’t be trading and commerce become more exciting if we’ll exchange cool world currencies? Then when we’re done with paper bills, the world of coins comes next!




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