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FACT: 7 Annoying Things That Car Drivers Do

Car drivers of the world unite! Today, we will raise awareness and rally against those idiots behind the wheel who seemed to have failed the driver test yet are still wreaking havoc on the road. These people probably think that driving rules don’t apply to them, therefore making all these unforgivable moves while driving, and annoying the majority of car drivers who are anal about road etiquette.

Driving isn’t rocket science, you know. It’s simply pushing a pedal, steering a wheel and working on some buttons or signals when you need to. But how come some car drivers still don’t get it? Why do they impose their ignorance on the majority who try their best to be good citizens of the road? We will never know. But what we can do is list down all these annoying things some car drivers do that piss off the conscientious ones. And maybe just cross our fingers that some of them can read this and spread the good vibes, er, the driving rules we want to share with them.

1. The Turn and Signal Move

Car Drivers: Signal first before you make a turn

Car Drivers: Signal first before you make a turn

There’s a very good reason that signal lights were created. It is to inform anyone who drives behind you that you’re making a turn, so he can also make the appropriate preparation. So it doesn’t help if you make the signal two seconds before you make a turn. How can anyone prepare for that? The driving rule says, or kinda says, you indicate your signal at least a few meters before your designated turn. You don’t turn, then do the signal. Or turn, without even bothering to flick on your signal lights. It’s rude.

2. The Multi-Tasking Move

Have you ever followed two cars whose drivers are chatting with each other through their windows? It’s funny, but irritating if these two are slowing down the pace for the other drivers. Whatever happened to hands-free phones, to Skype, to YM?

Why do you have to chat in the middle of the road? It’s not only monopolizing the way, but a miscommunication may occur

Why do you have to chat in the middle of the road? It’s not only monopolizing the way, but a miscommunication may occur as of course, the lines are not that clear and quiet, especially if other car drivers are honking their horns already. So please do yourselves a favor. Park your cars somewhere traffic-free and quiet and continue your chat there.

This also applies to drivers who chat on their phones (please buy a bluetooth device or activate the hands-free feature of your phone, for Pete’s sake!) so they drive sll…oooo…www.

3. The Honk on the Green Light Move

Car Drivers: Please don't honk your horn as soon as the light turns green

Car Drivers: Please don't honk your horn as soon as the light turns green

Don’t you just wish all car drivers who honk their horns for the vehicles before theirs when the light turns green gets a flat tire? We do! It’s blood-curdling, how they would rev up their engines and go roaring and beep like crazy as if it’s nobody’s business. Cmon, dude, the light just turned green! Give the poor driver time to step on his brake, switch to Drive and go on his way. But if you think he’s sleeping during stop lights, then maybe a few gentle beeps to remind him would be welcome. Otherwise, keep your hands off that horn. With how you press on it, it’s like you’re trying to wake up the dead.

4. The Load & Unload Anywhere & Everywhere Move

But surprise, surprise, these drivers hardly care

This is most common in countries where the mean modes of transportation are buses and taxis. These public utility vehicle drivers oftentimes get too lazy to pull the brakes in proper bus stops so they just park their vehicles anywhere they feel like it, then drive away as fast they have arrived, without consideration for the vehicles at the back. And when you’re as big as a truck, no offense meant, half of the road is almost yours so you can imagine the inconvenience you’re causing the others. But surprise, surprise, these drivers hardly care. So forgive us if we don’t feel any sympathy when a road ranger stops you and gives you a gleeful ticket.

This also goes out to car drivers who also stop anywhere and everywhere, even on no-stopping areas. We don’t care if you’ll just withdraw money, tie your shoelaces or throw your gum. Abide by the driving rules, only swerve and put your gear to Neutral or Park on the proper parking areas.

5. The Don’t-Overtake-Me Move

Car Drivers: It's okay to let others overtake you sometimes

Car Drivers: It's okay to let others overtake you sometimes

Some people, men especially, (don’t go rolling your eyes, mister!), have road entitlement issues. They feel like they’re kings, and anyone who dare go faster than their vehicles deserve to be reprimanded. So what if another person drives faster than you do? It’s not like it’s a crime for anyone to overtake you. This is a free country, and not unless he’s overspeeding, there really isn’t an issue. Challenging him to a race by trying to outdo him won’t do any good. Safety of driving should be first, not your driving pride. So the next time someone overtakes you, smile and wave.

6. The Anti-Women Move

This is related to the issue above. Some men have issues against women drivers. Hello, this is the 21st century and women have long been voting. So not unless you’ve been living under a rock and still think like an extinct T-Rex, get over your discrimation. A bad driver is a bad driver, regardless of sex. Don’t scoff and assume that anyone who drives that bad, swerves left and right or parks horribly is a woman. Don’t make fun of them, giving them a hard time when you see them wading through the madness that is a traffic jam. You don’t have to give way, just be respectful as all of you have the right to that road. You might be in for the surprise of your life when you realize that the driver who overtakes you smoothly on the freeway is a pretty blonde.

7. The Horrible Parking Move

Car Drivers: Please park properly

Car Drivers: Please park properly

Ever seen a badly-parked vehicle you’re tempted to re-park it yourself? Some car drivers are impossibly hopeless at parking and it becomes a major inconvenience since they’re hogging parking spaces. It’s either they can’t park perfectly within the lane, therefore taking up parking areas for two vehicles, or that they have parked askew, making it difficult for the driver who would like to park beside them difficult to maneuver through the lane. If you’re guilty of this, please practice parking everyday, in an area where you don’t have competition, until you get it perfectly. Don’t wait for an annoyed guard or another driver to call out on you. It would be embarassing.

A driving license doesn’t only allow you to drive. It’s also a reminder that you should be a responsible citizen by driving carefully, and making sure that you don’t inconvenience and annoy other car drivers by doing some or all of the above-mentioned moves. The next time you encounter a driver doing a turn without flashing his signal lights, or a bus driver stopping on a non-stop area, please make the society of good drivers proud and get his attention. A good bashing isn’t really necessary but a one-liner that includes the words, driving, license, rebuke, penalty, should be enough to knock some sense into him.




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