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Model Colleague: 7 Ways to Win Your Officemates’ Hearts

You don’t exactly love your job but you find yourself still feeling excited every morning while getting ready for work. Sometimes, what makes jobs to do worthwhile is our relationships with our colleagues, or even bosses. How do you find people you work with is very crucial in your career and employment. And if you get along with workmates, what job to do is hardly a question as you wouldn’t mind doing task after task after task since you’re working with some of the best people, ever.

However, not all work relationships are smooth-sailing, especially since we’re dealing with people from all walks of life, with a myriad of personalities and attitudes. There will be times when we won’t get along with some of our colleagues and there will also be people who are such hell to get along with. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. There are actually ways to make your colleagues enjoy working with you, never mind if you don’t feel the same way. They’re people you work with, you have to put up with them sometimes. Think of it as your corporate social responsibility, to try to be as pleasant and decent as possible with your colleagues, and that includes the big, bad boss. Already eager to be Mr. or Ms. Awesome to work with at the office?

1. Win them with a smile

Model Colleague Tip 1: Always Smile

Model Colleague Tip 1: Always Smile

A smile is the easiest way to win anyone’s heart. Even the most snobbish workmate at work will get tired of ignoring you if you always have a smile ready for her. A smile could instantly brighten the day of people dealing with more workload than usual. Being pleasant won’t cost you anything, except probably when your’re PMS-ing for females or hungover for men, then that would be quite a stretch. But if you are known for your easy-going and friendly personality, your workmates would understand a day or two of grumpiness.

2. Do not be nosy nor gossipy

Office gossip can be well, fun, not until you have become the subject of whispered conversations. Gossiping with and about colleagues is a no-no in every business ethics book and should be part of every worker’s ethical and professional attitude. Besides, you don’t want to be known as the official rumor-monger, right? People are wary of blabbermouths and it wouldn’t be nice to be popular for being a gossip person rather than for the excellent work that you do.

3. Do not play loud music at work

Model Colleague Tip 3: Keep Your Music to Yourself

Model Colleague Tip 3: Keep Your Music to Yourself

Music is nice and can relieve boredom and stress. But not if you’re listening to music you hate, coming from the speakers of some inconsiderate bloke on the other cubicle. Work ethics should prevent you from playing really loud music at work, especially if your music preference is inclined towards rock or metal. We are not discriminating against anyone’s favorite music genre here but there are just songs that are not meant to be played inside a corporate office, where only the furious tapping of the keyboards break the silence. So if you really want to listen to music while finishing that presentation for your boss, go ahead but make sure that you lower down the volume a bit that no one will be disturbed by Lady Gaga’s chanting.

4. Be sincere and genuine

It’s normal for office ants to sometimes hang out at one colleague’s desk and just talk. You know, to make use of the 15-minute break. Topics during these chats usually center around family, interests, hobbies and even some problems. When you join in in these conversations, be sincere in your sharing. Do not appear to be sympathetic then talk trash about whatever you discussed about the next. People appreciate colleagues who understand and listen to them. You are not really obliged to give an advice, sometimes just being there is more than enough.

5. No oversharing, please

Model Colleague Tip 5: Avoid Oversharing

Model Colleague Tip 5: Avoid Oversharing

One thing about ethics in business is that you have to watch what you say. You may spill the most confidential stuff about your company if you don’t! In the same way that you have to be careful about what you tell your colleagues, especially if it’s personal matters. They don’t need to know about your dwindling sex life, your mother’s money troubles or your house’s plumbing problems, complete with all the gory details. If you’re a natural talker, like you can hardly control what comes out of your mouth, maybe you can consider this as a shut-up-when-you-need-to training at work. Your colleagues may be uncomfortable with too much info, and you don’t want them to shy away from you, do you?

6. Complain sparingly

We all have our bad days. We will come to a point in our careers when everything either gets boring or too much to take. Add to that a boss who don’t seem to understand where your stress is coming from. Complaining is normal, everyone does that. We need to get our frustration and disappointment and stress out of our system. What’s not normal is complaining about everything — too cold airconditioning, the vendo not working properly, your workmate’s dress is too short, the boss is too loud, your computer’s too slow, the food in the cafeteria is too limited, blah blah blah. Eventually you’ll be labeled as Mr. or Ms. Irate Customer and nobody will take you seriously anymore.

7. Do not spam

Model Colleague Tip 7: No Spamming, Please

Model Colleague Tip 7: No Spamming, Please

Spammer alert! While everyone loves a fun, personal email once in a while, sending anecdotes, jokes or laugh-at-loud videos every hour spells S-P-A-M. And only the spam in can gets people excited. Do not abuse the system and email nonsense to your colleagues. They have work, too, and it’s not funny to receive countless non-business related emails. If you work with training, you probably have a reason to bombard them with useful stuff but sometimes, even that gets some flak. So go easy on the personal mails, lest you get blocked.

A good working relationship with your colleagues ensures a better office atmosphere therefore resulting to more productivity. It’s no fun to work with a bunch of people who hate you, yeah? Might as well leave the job. But if you enjoy your colleagues’ company, and they also enjoy having your around, even a stressful job becomes fun and challenging and worth staying for. Just follow the seven basic tips on how to be a good officemate and we assure that you will not only be known as a person who’s good with jobs, but also someone who is adored by the workplace force.



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