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Nosy, Much? 7 Things Your Parents Shouldn’t Find in Your Bag

One thing schools and universities fail to teach us is how to parent. Only life and experiences, it seem, have the power and knowledge to make people truly know how to be a parent. Parenthood, indeed, is more difficult than Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, History and all Sciences combined. But if there’s one thing that competes with parenthood in terms of difficulty, it is dealing with parental issues. If our folks think parenting drains a lot of their physical and emotional energy, maybe they should try being in their children’s shoes who deal with their parenting style. For parents to be totally in sync with their children’s behaviour and attitude, maybe they can switch places for a while? Besides, they should know how difficult it is to be kids with really too strict or difficult or too unreasonable parents as they passed that stage as well.

What can you say about parents who go and check (not clean!) their children’s rooms so they would know what they’re up to? Or how about moms and dads who sneak on their teenagers’ diaries or eavesdrop to phone calls? Quite stressful for their offspring, huh? At some point, we all have gone through that stage, having parents who are unnaturally and unusually nosy. And we cannot blame them. Probably the generation gap plays a big role for kids to not share so much with their parents because they think they wouldn’t understand. So moms and pops instead resort to a little sleuthing. One common sleuthing tactic is searching their kids’ handbag. And it usually ends ugly because children feel that their privacy is being breached by their own parents because of course, a handbag is very personal.

Here’s a little tip for you boys and girls out there. Never ever leave your handbag or bag and purse without your supervision, not unless you feel your mom won’t ever try opening it. Here’s a cooler suggestion. Below are things you shouldn’t put in a handbag and leave lying around in case your parents decide to become some groovy detectives. These are the things your parents shouldn’t ever find in your handbag and purse. Else, World War III may ensue and you wouldn’t know what hit you.

1. Pregnancy vitamins

Handbag Secret Stash 1: Pregnancy Vitamins

Handbag Secret Stash 1: Pregnancy Vitamins

A purse (a single lady’s, that is!) holds a wallet, probably a few beauty essentials, hairbrush, some mints but never pregnancy vitamins! If they’re your best friend’s, you shouldn’t worry. But still, that is enough to give your mom some mild heart attack. If they’re yours and you haven’t told them yet, maybe it’s best to keep those bottles in your secret compartment. One issue listed down under parents’ problems with children is untimely pregnancy. And while babies are truly a blessing, there’s that perfect time and opportunity for you to tell them of this amazing news than them just finding some vitamin B complex in your pattern handbag.

2. An F on your thesis

Especially not when you have repeatedly assured them that your thesis is going very well and that you’re really graduating this year. As soon as you get that disheartening piece of paper, instead of just rolling and hiding it in the deep recesses of your handbag, fold and take it out only when you’re inside your room and put it in a folder aptly titled, “Why I Should Be Successful.”

3. Unpaid credit card dues amounting to thousands

Handbag Secret Stash 3: Unpaid Credit Card Bills

Handbag Secret Stash 3: Unpaid Credit Card Bills

The problem with children these days is that they get so many privileges while not learning the meaning of the word responsibility. It’s amazing how some children are lucky to be given credit cards by their parents even if they don’t have work or any means to pay their own dues yet. If you’re one of these lucky, lucky ones, then the best thing to do is not abuse the privilege and start charging stuff left and right. But if you did anyway and your bill has amounted to more than you can ever imagine, keep the records out of reach first and wait until both of them are in good mood to discuss financial matters and responsibility.

4. A makeup kit

This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a budding 12- or 13-year old girl. But you’re the only son, and while you sport a man bag that’s very masculine, a makeup kit would look quite odd, huh? Not unless you have openly admitted your gender preference to your parents, and we know that they’d still love you no matter what happens, it would come as a total shock for them to see a whole collection of Nars beauty products in your bag. And if you’re as surprised as them, you may not even have the chance to ask, “why are you checking my bag?”

5. An underwear

Handbag Secret Stash 5: An Underwear

Handbag Secret Stash 5: An Underwear

And a used one at that! Parents, regardless whether they are liberated and outspoken as they were your age, become conservative and protective when it comes to their children. So surely, a lady’s underwear inside their son’s man bag, or a Calvin Klein brief in their daughter’s purse would open a barrage of questions we figured you wouldn’t want to start in the first place. Put that special VS lacy thong inside your cabinet if you know what’s good for you.

6. Prohibited drugs

A pack of cigarettes may be understandable, although a little hard for a mother to accept, but a pack of weed, or some E tabs would surely raise hell. These things are dangerous so your parents’ fury may be acceptable. Don’t become problem children. A little sniff for fun and relaxation goes well at first but drug addiction is something you may want to spare your parents from. And you don’t say, you’re trying to be “in,” thus the tryout. Using drugs isn’t included in the how to be fashionable tips anywhere.

7. Tickets for an international getaway

Handbag Secret Stash 7: Tickets for your getaway

Handbag Secret Stash 7: Tickets for your getaway

And one that you haven’t informed your parents about. Tickets are harmless little things but they have the power to take you thousands of miles away from your doting parents, and they don’t even have an idea about it. If you plan to runaway or you know, do one of those little escape trips for a few days and just tell them about it while you’re already in Maldives, sipping some pina colada, you better don’t leave those tickets lying invitingly around in your handbag.

Handbags are personal things but knowing how parents would sometimes go to great lengths just to know what their kids activities are, it’s safer to keep all things you deem private and for-your-eyes-only in a place where they will most likely not check. Under that pretty potted plant, probably? Or maybe inside your secret can disguised as a trash can. Just make sure nobody enters and empties it.

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