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The Baby Name Game: 7 Things to Remember When Naming Your Baby

Babies are the most adorable creatures on earth! They’re sweet-smelling, cuddly and all kinds of perfect. But do you know that baby names also contribute to a little one’s cuteness meter? The Beckhams are celebrating the birth of their baby girl, Harper Seven, whose name the whole world is debating about right now. Everyone thinks Harper Seven isn’t really included in the list for names for a girl and although unusual names are quite the in-thing these days, the Beckhams are still much talked about.

Anyone’s baby name should be as unique and special as it is your main identification and you’ll carry it until the day you die. Come to think of it, even your tombstone would bear it so parents should understand the importance of names when thinking of names for a baby. Baby names are something expectant parents always prepare for and even the internet can help you decide on girl names or baby name for boys if you try to search for names for baby. Knowing how valuable a name is to a person, even if it’s just a teeny-weeny baby who obviously cannot decide for herself, parents should be guided on how to name their newborns. And mothers are usually the culprit as they always call the shots. Whether you are a soon-to-be-parent or not, mothers listen up, here’s a quick things-to-consider when you are thinking of names for baby boy or baby name girls.

1. Give a name that has a special meaning

Baby Name Tip 1: Give a name with special meaning

Baby Name Tip 1: Give a name with special meaning

When you’re looking for names for boy or a boy name, Biblical names or popular figures’ names come into mind. But wouldn’t you want your own child to have his own unique name to go with his own unique character? No offense but say you have given him Moses, or Barack because you admire the US President a lot, that child will grow up under the shadow of the great figure his name is associated with. While it may be cool at times, he may appreciate a less famous name but is associated with the history of your family. For example, he may not mind being Christopher James VIII because all Christopher Jameses in your family have fought in the war. How’s that for an interesting trivia whenever he meets a new girl?

2. That is a baby, not a cute toy

Please refrain from thinking of boys name that sounds like coochie coochie koo or billy billy bee. The coochie coochie koo will eventually grow into a muscular man who might become a sheriff or a doctor or a thug and we’re sure he wouldn’t appreciate a name that reminds everyone of some stuffed cuddly toy.

3. Don’t overload on the sugar

Baby Name Tip 3: No desserts, please

Baby Name Tip 3: No desserts, please

Meaning, no Peaches or Cream Puffs for your little girls, please. Cream Puffs is cute as a nickname but will you honestly let your little girl suffer the ridicule of college classmates when they know her name is a dessert? Again, these babies will eventually mature and they would love you more if you give them sensible names that sound good with Dr., Atty. or Mafia Boss.

4. No overanalysis, please

We all want to give our children significant names that’s why some parents combine the first letters of their names or play with their middle names to come up with a special name for their child. One way to look as well as is to ask Mr. Google for ideas such as “boys names with A,” or “baby names with A.” However, don’t stress yourself too much and spend days and nights researching for a powerful name. Finding that one perfect name is as difficult as answering the question, how a baby is born. A baby name should be simple and straightforward, while being significant. Let’s not give other people the chance to analyze every single aspect of a four-name name, the way they’re doing now with Harper Seven.

5. Keep it short and simple

Baby Name Tip 5: Keep it short and simple

Baby Name Tip 5: Keep it short and simple

You don’t want your child to hate you while she practices writing, right? So give her a relatively short name that is special without being too long. Cleopatra Veronica Anushka may be interesting but remember that she has to write that whole thing down on a piece of paper as soon as she starts going to school.

6. Don’t make your child choke on his name

We all want a pretty name to go with a beautiful baby girl or a handsome name to go with an adorable baby boy. But sometimes, parents go overboard and choose foreign-sounding names that are quite difficult to pronounce, all in the name of uniqueness. Francois or Leisgbcht or Geraldizo may sound very manly like Zorro but we don’t think you or your child will like it whenever someone mispronounces his name. Scherazaaade or Croatiatish look very upper-class on paper but wait till a classmate with a lisp tries to say it.

7. Your name is your identity, repeat 100x

Baby Name Tip 7: Give a name that can be his identity

Baby Name Tip 7: Give a name that can be his identity

Keep this phrase in mind when deciding on baby names for your little munchkin. Whatever name you give him will be with him until the very end, and it’s what he will sign official and legal documents. It’s not something that you can give him when he comes out and change it if you realize it’s ugly. Somehow, people embody their names and while it’s not accurately true that you are what you are named after (like, if you are named after a famous Mafia boss, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ll be a Mafia boss, too, not unless you want to), others will have the tendency to judge you as soon as they see, read or hear your name. So dear mothers and fathers, spare your children from heartache — give them proper, real, decent names.

Harper Seven may or may not hate her parents for giving her the name the whole world is abuzzed about now. We will never know until she turns 14, disowns Posh and soccer god David and changes her name to, we can never really tell, what. Parents, if you really value your children, please do think about and take baby names seriously. Don’t just stand there and let Auntie Becky or Grandma Daisy dictate what the baby baby squashy poo should be called.



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